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Evil Cooking Pot
Centaur Girl Frog Girls →
Level:  ??
HP (Normal): 15
Experience: N/A (Pot "flies" away (sometimes))
Skills: Bubble, Steam, Spill
Area: Noah Region 
Appears in: Chapter 2

The Evil Cooking Pot, fought by Alicefeeze. Also sometimes referred to as "The Nabe" (joke right? How can this evil creature have such an innocent name?)


Bubble: Normal attack.

Steam: Triggers Confusion.

Spill: Counter attack, Triggers bind status, Alicefeeze is compelled to clean up the mess she made.

Battle Overview

The Evil Cooking Pot seems to do Bubble and Steam in random order, even though it isn't very damaging at first, the longer the fight is, the harder the hits get.

Whenever the Evil Cooking Pot gets damaged there is a large chance to have a Spill-counter

If you lose, the food will stay raw and uncooked, and Luka has to cook.

In-Depth Strategy

Normal Difficulty

1. Choose an action.

2. Click the action.

3. ...

4. Profit!

Hard Difficulty

Turn 1: Choose an action and click it

Turn 2: Have hunger

Hell Difficulty

Impossible, the Evil Cooking Pot is so evil, it doesn't even appear in the Monsterpedia


• This whole page is (/was) a joke. >:D


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