In a conversation with Juni221 we, among other things, talked about SlurredStaccato being offline for a very long time now and also about possibly replacing him.

We came to the conclusion that there would probably be 3 candidates for this position; Ginrikuzuma, Safin117 and myself (FurRiffic).

Before we let the wiki members and admins vote we asked these 3 if they even WANTED to be an admin, and have their privileges, duties, and responsibilities.

If anyone else reads this and would like to apply too, please say so below this blogpost and we will take it in consideration (please also state why you think you should be admin, even though we didn't see you in the first place).

Know that nothing is set in stone yet and even if you want to be an admin, get added to the list and "win", Juni221 still has the final say about it.

Also, if you have an account, please vote in a comment below too, as those comments may weigh more. Candidates MAY vote, but not on them-self, so either on an other user or on no-one at all!

Who do you think should be the replacement admin for SlurredStaccato?

The poll was created at 14:44 on May 31, 2013, and so far 17 people voted.
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