I was supposed to finish the page Slime Girl/Paradox about a month ago but complications arose and it's still not done. This is the layout I've mocked up for Paradox enemies in MS Word and inserted values of Lime to give a rough idea of what it'll look like once filled in. I'd appreciate anyone comments or criticisms on the rough design. Also, if anyone knows how to properly code tables into infoboxes, it'd be a big help to let me know how or where I can learn because Wikia's guide on the matter are either outdated or too vague. I've been having a lot of trouble with it as I have no formal coding training.

I was planning on making Companion values hidden when not in use but in hindsight, a separate infobox might be better for allies like Sonya and the Medal Queen who you never fight. Also, colored text probrably isn't going to happen so the resistances might be renamed to weaknesses so it is clear higher values are not better.

Paradox Enemy Infobox Layout Test
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