FickleArchivist FickleArchivist 13 July 2017

All New Unique Traits Translated

I think Dargoth's team has already translated most of these, but if you don't want to learn how to manual patch.....

This should be everyone in Part 2. Even Kakyoin, but I don't know exactly what his trait does aside from some elemental resistances. Maybe that's all he gets which is nice, I guess.

This was a rush job. I probably made quite a few mistakes, spelling or translation. I probably translated a few conditional effects wrong so please correct me. I also used Dargoth's names and just read them from the character library in order of appearance. I didn't know the names of all the generic enemy names of all the girls so I made some up or wrote a brief description so you know who I was talking about. I'll update it later, maybe tomorrow, …

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FickleArchivist FickleArchivist 9 May 2016

Infobox Previous and Next Functionality

EDIT: I re-wrote because I think my first attempt wasn't very clear in explaining the problem and my frustration wasn't making it any easier to read.

To start, I don't think we need Previous and Next links on Paradox Infoboxes. The reason is Paradox has non-linear encounters unlike the original game. The original trilogy was almost completely linear so knowing which monster came next was actually significant and worth recording. In Paradox, you can encounter monsters in almost any order and you can skip way more monsters than the original trilogy let you. The only time order actually matters in Paradox is in the Game Library when viewing Monsters and Characters but that too is quite arbitrary.

If we suppose that Previous and Next is importan…

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FickleArchivist FickleArchivist 25 December 2015

Paradox Resources

I've been sitting on these links for awhile now, using them at my leisure but now that it's Christmas I kind of realized someone else might like them too. There are more resources but some of them are on explicit pages, there's an incomplete list of skills and abilities I haven't verified as accurate yet and a Japanese wiki I don't want to advertise because we're on a wiki and that'd be rude to do, even if it is in another language. I'll add more to this as I find them but I don't there is going to be much new at this point. Hopefully, this page will become redundant as this wiki becomes filled in.


Super Boss Guide

Companion Preferred Foods…

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FickleArchivist FickleArchivist 23 October 2015

Paradox Enemy Infobox Layout Test

I was supposed to finish the page Slime Girl/Paradox about a month ago but complications arose and it's still not done. This is the layout I've mocked up for Paradox enemies in MS Word and inserted values of Lime to give a rough idea of what it'll look like once filled in. I'd appreciate anyone comments or criticisms on the rough design. Also, if anyone knows how to properly code tables into infoboxes, it'd be a big help to let me know how or where I can learn because Wikia's guide on the matter are either outdated or too vague. I've been having a lot of trouble with it as I have no formal coding training.

I was planning on making Companion values hidden when not in use but in hindsight, a separate infobox might be better for allies like So…

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FickleArchivist FickleArchivist 19 September 2015

Paradox Submission Plan and Requests

I just started the page on Jobs and was about to comment on it but I decided on a blog post instead. I'll finish off jobs tomorrow and then I'll post a template and a full page for Lime, the companion Slime Girl, either tomorrow or Sunday.

After that, I'm going to post some guides for some things I've seen a lot of people having trouble with like Chrome's side quest, Job Change Items, the nameless slums quest, and the location of what I believe to be every seed, nut and small medal in the game.

Those are my main concerns but beyond that, I'll just start submitting whatever I feel like. If you haven't played the game yet and there is something you'd like to be completed before the translation is done, like weapons or characters and gifts, lea…

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