Hello everyone, My name is DeJon and I would like to Talk a little about myself as well as try to find some intereting things about the other members here. First off, I live in hampton Virginia and have been through a majority of the United States. My hobbies include playing video games, reading manga and sleeping. I usually spend most of my time surfing the net reading light and visual novels that pique my curiousity.

Now that I've told a little about myself, I would like to get into the Interest part of my blog. My question for you all is ...... If you could choose any monster in the Monster Girl Quest game, who would you marry? And I'm looking for being in an actual relationship with said monster so no rape, it has to be consensual. You can have multiple choices or line them in rank. For my choices, I'd choose Kitsunes, Nekomatas, Frog Girls, Slime Girls and that's it for now. The reasons why: For the kitsune and nekomata, I think I might have a fur fetish in this case. For the slime and frog girls, another fetish case. Can't really explain it at the moment, but I will give a more detailed reason why later on. Now I would like to here your comments about your choices and reasons why. I be checking and comparing choices to see which monsters are popular among you. Until then, I'll be browsing this wiki to see if I can contribute to the cause. Later!!

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