Unleashed or MGQ:Unleashed is my let's call it "masterpiece"...a fanfic which I created over the will have three parts and the first part is out (btw. it took an half year and 2 to 3 reworks until it was on the same level as its now). It contains hard to nearly impossible battles and many custom battle music...well...the most comes with part there are just four at the moment! I created it because I love creating has something cool and unique...especially if loose to your own enemy like 15 times before you win...not that I did or anything like definitly no...never...(damn slime)! This page will be updated as soon as I start making part 2...which will be somewhat after christmas...since my creativity has been kinda dried out...but I think it will change soon...! 

Note: This is not just my project...ExNoc was the original creator...but since he ran out of freetime...I took it over...! 


Ilias has been defeated and peace came over the world...until something changes! After hearing fighting noises from outside the Monsterlord's Castle, Alice and Luka ran outside...awaited by a strange shadow-like monster and a defeated Behemoth and Vampire! She says San Ilia is under attack and vanishes! Not able to believe that San Ilia is under attack and a bit scared by the strong shadow-like monster they make their way to San Ilia...until Alice sees a slime getting attacked by a Lamia...! Luka as heroic as always jumps down and saves the slime...! After being punched by the slime, because Luka stole her kill...she decides to help our heroes to end the attack on San Ilia! 

Quote from a weird solider: 

"She has been released...nothing can stop her...the Era of Darkness has begun! "



- Hard Battles

- Darkness

- Custom Battle Music

- Unisex enemies

- No rape

- Custom Evaluations...kind of...! 

- A slime with splitted personality :3! 

- Ehhh...bloodshed?! 


- Newest patch

- Sense for black humor

- No metal hatred since some themes are metallish

- Important: It will download a ZIP data...make an Unleashed Folder in mod and copy everything in the ZIP data into this Folder


- Link: Unleashed Part 1: First time I work with File Hosters sorry!

Please notice that you always need the first part and merge the other 2 parts into the Unleashed folder if they're out since the first part contains the essential stuff look up! 


15.12.2014: Beginning of the second part has begun! 

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