One day a mature young dark-skinned boy with white hair enters in Yamatai Village.

???:(walks in Yamatai Village)

Miko Lamia:(sees him) Hello good sir.

(he turns to her)

???:Hi miss is this your village.

Miko Lamia:Yes this is our village our leader is miss Tamamo is one of the Four Hevenly Knights a kitsune.

???:i see then.

Miko Lamia:My name is Miko whats yours.

???:Takeda Masaki is my name.

Miko Lamia:So what brings you to our village Takeda.

Takeda:Well i want to talk to her.

Miko Lamia:Well you just missed her she won't be back for couple of hours.

Takeda:Yeah sure i am tired after my long walk.

Miko Lamia:(shows him her house)

Takeda:So this is your place.

Miko Lamia:Yes it is.

(She licks her fingers and coils him,strips off his clothes and gives him a blowjob)

Takeda:Ahhhhhh Yessssssssss!!!!!!

Miko Lamia:(Sucks on his penis even more)


(Takeda releases his huge load of semen inside the Miko Lamia's Mouth)

Takeda:Y-You should've ask instead of rushing miss.

Miko Lamia:Your semen is soooooo goooooood.

(She smiles)

Takeda:We Masaki's are very superior in having endless spirit energy.

Miko Lamia:Then i want more of your semen.

(Both Miko Lamia and Takeda spended time together)

Takeda;Do you like Miko.

Miko Lamia:(Smiles and nods)

Takeda:(Snaps his fingers and his clothes come back on)

Takeda:I sense that she here we'll i'l be back.


Takeda:(comes in)

Tamamo:I never seen a a mature boy like yourself.

Takeda:Or i never seen a powerful and sexy kitsune like yourself.

Tamamo:So what is your name young one.

Takeda:Takeda Masaki is my name.

Tamamo:So Takeda what bring you here to our village.

Takeda:Well i want to start a new life.

Tamamo:Well you have come to the right place.

Takeda:(shows Tamamo this Sword)

Tamamo:What is that sword!?

Takeda:The Blade of pure good Soul Calibur.

Tamamo*thinks*:This blade is so powerful not even ilias or black alice can't destroy it.

Takeda:my ancesor sent me here.

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