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  • I live in Universe
  • I was born on March 6
  • My occupation is Fanfic and Roleplay
  • I am Male
  • Blackharemprince

    One day a mature young dark-skinned boy with white hair enters in Yamatai Village.

    ???:(walks in Yamatai Village)

    Miko Lamia:(sees him) Hello good sir.

    (he turns to her)

    ???:Hi miss is this your village.

    Miko Lamia:Yes this is our village our leader is miss Tamamo is one of the Four Hevenly Knights a kitsune.

    ???:i see then.

    Miko Lamia:My name is Miko whats yours.

    ???:Takeda Masaki is my name.

    Miko Lamia:So what brings you to our village Takeda.

    Takeda:Well i want to talk to her.

    Miko Lamia:Well you just missed her she won't be back for couple of hours.

    Takeda:Yeah sure i am tired after my long walk.

    Miko Lamia:(shows him her house)

    Takeda:So this is your place.

    Miko Lamia:Yes it is.

    (She licks her fingers and coils him,strips off his clothes and gives hi…

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  • Blackharemprince

    A matured 19 year old dark-skinned boy was looking around in the forest and sees this:beautiful strange girl with wings and tail)

    ???:who is she?

    (the young dark-skinned boy walks up behind her)

    Succubus:i wonder who semen i want to take i'm so hungry.

    (the young dark-skinned boy taps on her shoulder)

    ???:um...excuse me miss but who are you?

    (she turns around and sees him)

    Succubus:oh a handsome young black boy i'm going to enjoy this.

    (she walks up to him)

    Succubus:you can call me sara what is yours you sexy black devil stud.

    ???:the names ryoga masaki.

    Sara(lustful voice):so ryoga will you have some fun with me.

    Ryoga:why would i say no

    (ryoga stips off his clothes showing his well toned musles and his erect sword)

    Sara(succubus):oh my you so big.


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  • Blackharemprince

    Couple of months had passes since the black hero been pleasured by alma and the others but his day was going to change.

    (black hero wakes out of bed)

    Black hero:so the day has come

    (black hero goes and gets dressed and meets with alice)

    Alice:so you have come to see me.

    Black hero:yes just as promised

    (alice smiles)

    Black Hero:so you needed me for something miss alice.

    Alice:yes in fact

    (alice move close to the black hero)

    Alice:what is your name.

    Black hero:names Ryo

    Alice:Ryo what?

    Ryo:Ryo masaki!

    (Alice was surpised to hear his last name).

    Alice:you mean your father's last name is masaki a champion hero to his kingdom!!!

    Ryo:yup i'm his son!

    Alice:(smiles and coils around him)

    Ryo:what is it miss alice!

    Alice:i like you,and i want you handsome black devil…

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  • Blackharemprince

    There was once a kingdom kind and peaceful until it was attack by the Queen vampire and her two assistants carmila and elizabeth. There was one young dark-skinned boy. He was was bullied and thereatned by nobiles at a young age but the queen vampire and her two assiants watched him at a young age and grow into a 18 year old both of his family died at his young age his name was Hiro masaki.

    Hiro:what should i do now.

    (he went off asleep not knowing the kingdom was under attack and was tooken over by the Queen vampire herself. He wakes up in the middle of the night and opens his door and the kingdom was silent there was any villagers in sight then he hears a voice calling to him)

    ???(in hiro thoughts):Hiro Hiro you handsome black devil meet me …

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  • Blackharemprince

    Ever since luka was defeated in battle the world was in chaos once more and only one new hero was able to rise up to the firce challenge and it was a Dark-skinned human hero with this powerful blade called the Twilight Blade X he went in a arena he signed up he was next up he was dark,cold,and silent to the core of his body.

    Anouncer:what this another young boy wanting to get raped

    (the black hero was ready to meet his first challenge)

    Anouncer:all right young boy choose the two gates and meet your fate.

    (the black hero looked at the two gates and he chooses gate one)

    Black hero:OPEN GATE ONE

    (as the gate one open he sees a three headed Cerberus)

    Cerberus:so young boy you made a bad choice of fighing me i'l rape you out of your semen.

    Black Hero:i…

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