Ok, Here is part 5. The next part will be the last chapter so I'm going to squeeze as much as I can in this part (although that means there shouldn't be a lot in the next one).

List of Monster Boys

Zombie Boy- He is an undead, zombie Monster Boy. The only thing remarkably about him is that when he rapes a girl, he turn her into a "Zombie Girl" and whoever they rape will also turn into "zombies" and so forth.

Kitsune Boy- This Monster Boys is a Kitsune with seven tails. The only thing that gets me to mention about him know is that within all of his tail is storing large amounts of magic within every tail.

Jason- Jason is a Scylla Monster Boy who meets Jason as Sabasa. He was a traveling swordsmen who carry a collection of swords which he would wield them with his tentacles. Besides taking over the world for the Monster Boys, He also wants to find someone who can truely test his skills and aims to sword fight with Granberia.

Loki- An Elf Monster Boy, he is they most sadistic member of all the Monster Boys. After being locked by the other elves, he wanted to get revenge agaist them.

Suijin- Suijin is a Slime Monster Boy who has a unique ability to shapeshift. Then only reason he work with the other Monster Boys is that he found a world of coexistance boring. Note: despite how many girls he rape and pouring his slime into them, he never loose any slime. In fact, if he doesn't regularly rape girls, he build too much and can't shapeshift.

Draco- He is a Dragonkin Boy and the secound strongest Monster Boy. He completly loyal to Incubis and follow his ideas in that he thinks men should be incharge. Despite sexually torturing his victims, he still give what he think is respeact and indoctrinat them to  willingly be their servants.

Incubis- Male version of the Succubus, he is the first and strongest Monster Boy. He was created within the Great Monster War, but at the time, he was too weak to do anything. As centeries go by and he still all the energy to death to anybody who finds him, he witness how females always remain dominate over the men and want to switch it.

Dream of Resolve


Leo slowly awake and found himself in a relaxing but strange place filled with holy light energy. Then suddenly, Goddess Ilias appears and revealed that his mind is in heaven. Leo found Ilias astonishing and always wonder what would sex with would be like, bespite everyone else now hating her, Ilias explains that because oh his Angel genes, she could save him by sending his soul to heaven and would also made sure that the Monster Boys won't get his light energy. As Leo was confused on what to do, Ilias tells him that he will stay in heaven and the other angels will comfort him. Before he could react, Leo quickly get pushed down on his back and a angel (never before seen) have vaginal sex with him. After seveal ejaculations, Leo was on the verge to surrender but still wants to save his family. Despite feeling the full effects of Critical Ecstasy, Leo still managed to push the angel off of him. Goddess Ilias expresses that he is impress of him and says she will return him to his body. Before she disappeare, Leo ask if he will see her again and Ilias says only when he loose.


Alison woke up in an open, dark but still calming place. Just as she try to figure out where she is, she remembers her having sex with her brother and how she enjoy it. As she begins falling apart, her mother: Alice appeared and rapped her arms around her and comfort her. As Ailson regain herself, she ask Alice how can she contiue on even after falling to her lust. Alice explains that Monster Girls should always be incontrole of their emotions and never run from it. Just as Alison ask how, Alice reply that the lust itself can help her and all of the Monster Lords of the past appeare alongside her. Alice the 15th says that the desire to be someone she admire will motivate her. Alice the 1st told her the closer she gets to the thing she fears, it wouldn't be scary anymore. Even Black Alice try to help and says by utilizing the lust, she can sustain it be by making sure there is no doubt. Alice explains even her brother: Leo can over come his feelings be knowing there is always something important and ask her if she has something that is important. Alison shed a tear and reply it's her family. Alice told her that if she can overcome her "monster", she can finally become a woman. Alison finally feel relieved, thank her ancestors and hugged her mother before the area fade away.

The Grand Escapes


Leo soon woke up in a futuristic room and strap to the wall. Phosphora, who was surprisingly still with him, says she's happy to see he's ok. When Leo ask why she didn't got taken from him like Sylph and Gnome, she explain since she wan't part of the Four Spirits and wasn't invloved in the Ilias revolt, they wouldn't have known about her.

Soon, a pair of Chimera came into the room and was excited to see he's awake. One of them explained that while he was unconties, they couldn't siphon light energy from him and by examining his vitals, they think he could die. When Leo ask what they are going to do, they strap a machine to him and it sucked semen from him. Once they finish, the Chimera became overly excited and then leave. As Leo was regaining his strength, Toto and Moses appeared and set him free. They explained after what happened at Ilias Village, Moses managed to protect Toto and himself from being captured and trail the chimera to the Hellgondo Continent. When Leo finally got his strength back, Toto give him his sword back and all three begin making their escape.

As Leo, Toto and Moses were trying to escape, it wasn't long until they confronted by the Chimera. The two Chimera who drained Leo explained that they already knew they had intrudered and the only reason they allow them to try to rescue is that once they finish with Leo, they had to give him to the Monster Boys. Now if they stop them, they can claim that they had to kill Leo but keep him to power them. After telling Moses to stay back, Leo engage to fight with the Chimera. Despite only having Phosphora and limited, Leo found that he's now lighter, have more energy and deal more damage in his strikes.

One he finish with the weaker Chimera, Leo was then confronted by the Next Dolls: Arc-En-Ciel, Amphisbaena, Tsukuyomi, Hainuwele and Rapunzel. Toto shout out that they can't be real and they confermed that they are replicas. However, they added that they also have a new feature and then revealed that they can now compine into a new being. Once fused, they call themselves the "Kestner Doll-5000" and then engage Leo in combat. Leo was easily outmatched by Kestner Doll-5000 and quickly be brought to his knees. Moses and Toto try to help but was quickly defeated in single blows. Kestner Doll-5000 then decombine so they can gang rape all three of them. But as they were about to do so, Leo, becoming desperate for not allowing it to end this was, suddenly grew angel wings and became overflowing with Light energy. The Next Dolls re-combine back to Kestner and fight the re-energized Leo, but was defeated.

Once Leo, Toto and Moses realize what happened, they become excited and wonder what Leo can do now. However, they become worried when they notice that the two Chimeras was also happy. They then explained that Leo is now the perfect to match to be the mate and impregnate their newest and greatist masterpiece. They revealed a masive pod and explain that over the years; they collect samples (when they attack Undine's Springs) and research (including Witch Hunt Village) so they can make a leader for the Chimera. Once inserted the Light energy they sucked from Leo, the pod opened and revealed a girl appeared to made from pink slime and she was named "Alpha Girl- the first true leader of the Chimera". Leo, Moses and Toto thought she was just a Slime, but after Moses attacked her, Plant tentacles appeare from Alpha Girl and push him away. The two Chimera explained that Alpha Girl can shapeshift her body or any part of it to any monster she wants.

Toto got out of the way so Leo can fight, but everyone in the room became confused when Leo and Alpha did nothing to each other. Leo ask her if she wants to fight him and Alpha Girl replied she don't know. She says that she was programed to be the leader of the Chimera can want to lead them, but was also awear that him and his father try to support them. When she ask why he don't attack, Leo reply that he feels there is no reason to. When asked to let him go, Alpha Girl tell him that she can't because it'll help her people. However, she will give him a challenge: If Leo and her would have sex for 30 minutes without losing consciousness, she will let him go and might even support him. However, Leo was scared since his record for staying awake during sex is 15min and only on a extreamly rare day. But Leo hesitantly accept the challenge and Alpha Girl turned into a normal human woman and then they have sex. Once they reach 15min mark, Leo was about to fall unconsciousness but Alpha Girl begin showing off her shapeshifting that increass the pleasure. Once Leo finally last 30 minutes, he was relieved but Alpha Girl refuse to stop because she wantshim to impregnate her before they stop. Not wanting that to happen, Leo try to get away. Despite no matter what she did to stop him, Leo still managed to escape from her. Impress by him, Alpha Girl decided the align with Leo. When order for Leo to be replenish and assign arrangements for him to get together with his family, the other Chimera was initially hesitant but happy follow it.


Alison soon woken up as Shiva is trying to get her attention. Like Phosphora, Shiva explains because wasn't part of the Four Spirits and wasn't have been well known, the enemey wouldn't have known of her and so she wasn't taken away from her.

Once Alison become fully awake, she realize that she was wearing a sci-fi fullbody bondage outfit, hands tie to the ceiling and a mask that cover her mouth so she couldn't speak. The room she was in appeared like a throne room but also like a space. When Alison notice the camras in the room, an elegant looking Alien Girl transported onto the throne and introduce herself as the Queen of the Alien Girls. As Alison became angry and try to get loose, Alien Queen proclaims what she was doing is pointless and now her world is now partly belong to her. The Alien Queen tells her that after watching can do and knowing of her lineage, she wants Alison to be her royal mistress and be the mother for her future children. But before that, she wants Alison to be "trained" before she would have sex with the Queen. Before being place in a hover pod to be transported, the Alien Queen kisses Alison and forcing juices down her mouth to knock her unconsciousness for a little while.

As Alison was being transported, she was still awake but couldn't see whats going on around. Along the way for her fate, Alison's tansport pod became abruptly stop. Alison couldn't see what was going on, but knew there was a bit of arguing and then she swiftly taken away towards a different direction. Once Alison's pod finally and was let out to a private quarters with a large bed. An Alien Girl that looks like the same age as Alison appeared and explains that she have taken her for herself. She then release Alison's restraints and now able to speak but couldn't leave the room. The Alien Girl intoduce herself as: Asteria, Princess of the Alien Girls and only doughter to the Alien Queen. Asteria then attepted to have sex with Alison, but Alison refuse and push her away. Remarkably, despite being disapointed, Asteria respected her decision and doesn't want to rape her. When Alison ask why she wouldn't try to rape her, Asteria explained unlike other members of her race (or most females in the series), she doesn't believe rape is a good thing and want Alison's permission first. Instead, they then decided to talk.

Asteria explains before her race arrive to Alison's world, they lived on their home planet. She says that her race had great culter, well respeacted to each other and advance enough to space travel to their local planets. However, they had a bad relations with a race on their neighboring planet which consist of manly men. The male alien want to have the female aliens as their mates because they are at risk of being extinct, but the refuse because they do, they always gets mistreated. They eventually went into war and both planets got destroyed. While the male aliens were riped out, the Alien Girls lost their planet and was force to relocate. Asteria says that her race only hope to avoid extiction is to re-populate on Alison's world but was face with pregistism. Alison tell Asteria that her parents: Luka and Alice believe in peace and coexistance and have reason to believe that they want to be friends with the Alien Girls. Asteria believe her and exprasses her envyness that Alison has a more caring mother then her. She then notice that Alison was shedding tears and revealed that she is missing her family. Moved, Asteria quickly left the room to retrieve Alison gear and sword and now she is able to escape. Once got changed to her normal clothes, Alison thank her but she also want to runaway with her. Not enough time to argue, she allow her to tag along.

Just as they got near the exit, they got spotted and Alison had to fight a nearby Alien Girl. Once Alison was victories, Asteria that the force field would have been activated and the only way to shut it down is at her mothers throne room. After defeated every enemey along the way, Alison and Asteria arrive at the throne room and confronted by the Alien Queen. The Queen tells them that she was disapointed with both of them and going to punish them. Before they begin their fight, Alison got the Queen to reveal that she help turn her mother: Alice berserk.

Alison and the Alien Queen then fought but they were so equally matched, they don't know who would win. When Asteria try to intervine, the Alien Queen knocked her away and told her that she will give her up to the Monster Boys. As Alison became enraged and attacked, she suddenly found she couldn't move. The Alien Queen revealed that the juice that she had her drink during their kiss is now in effect and now she can control her. She then explains that if Asteria wouldn't have taken her away, then Alison would willingly be her mistress. The Alien Queen then proceed to rape Alison. Alison was initially resistant but when Shive explained to her that she sense that she can now use a new power but the only to fully unlock it is to allow to be raped. Once Alison decide to relaxed, she slowly enjoy being raped by the Alien Queen but not enough to surrender to it. Once the Queen ejaculate her hermaphrodite penis into Alison vergina, Alison became energized and transform into her lamia form. Once the Queen realized what happened, Alison used her new snake tail to throw her away and they begin to fight again. But this time, Alison come up victories.

Alison turn back to her human form and found out Asteria is ok enough to leave. But before they escape, the Alien Queen shout out the importance that she need Alison to help save her race. Shiva then revealed that she sences danger and Alison got her away from an incoming attack. A Dragonkin Boy appeared and explains that he found out the war they had with a male alien race and him and Incubus want to eleminate incase they betray them. Despite how hard Alison try to defend Asteria and her mother, she failed to stop an attack that critically injured the Alien Queen. When Alison saw Asteria grieving over her mother injery and hoping her to servive, she became so inraged to the point where she turn back into her lamia form and perform Monster Lord’s Cruelty on the Monster Boy. He wasn't defeated but injuered enough to retreat.

Later, the Alien Queen was taken to the medical ward and survived, but need constant care to live. Alison come and comfort Asteria and she appreciate it. Alison then tells her that she want to have sex with her but refuse because she think it's just her pitty. While Alison admite it was part of the reason, it was also ro repay her for that she done. After a sunspensful moment to think, Asteria eagerly accepts and not long after they had sex in her room. Afterwards, Asteria was apointed as acting leader for the Alien Girl until the queen is healed, and then, might be turn into the official leader. However, Asteria turn it down to join and help Alison. As Alison and Asteria was about to leave, the Aliens stop and told them they got a request from the chimera to come to a meet point so Alison can reunite with her brother: Leo.

Family Reunion... Almost

Once Alison left the Alien Girl's hideout with Asteria, she discovered that she back at the Hellgondo Continent (specifically: the place where the  Sealed Sinner's Prison was). Once she reach the meeting point which was near the Monster Lord's Castle, she found a camp which was currently empty, but by a recently burned fire wood mean somebody still using it. Just then, Leo, Toto, Moses and Alpha Girl soon arrived. Alison was overjoyed for seeing her friends ok and vice versa. However, when Leo and Alison hugged, they both remembered when they force to have sex with each other and like and became extremly embarresed and awkward. When Asteria ask if they are getting aroused, they both deny it but Moses became nervus.

Once everyone calmed down for the moment, Alpha Girl revealed that she also notify one more group to come to their position. Then suddenly, Leo and Alison's father: Luka arrived and it was discovered that Alice was sleeping nearby. The children and the parents was happy that they are save and have their own happy reunion. Leo and Alison apologized to their mother for fighting her but Alice says that she should apologize for allowing herself to go crazy and attack them. Luka then says that he was proud of them for persurving the peace while he couldn't and for making peace with the Chimera and Alien Girl.

Once they all now settled down again, everyone sit around the camp to dicuss on how to stop the Monster Boys. Alice and Luka explained that the Monster Boys are occupying the major villages around the Sentora Continent and raping the women at each location. When asked what happen to the rightful leaders, they then explained that at after the world conferance at Ilias Village, the Boys are using the Kings and Queens as barganing chips to make the citizens of the areas more obedient. Fortantly, Alice added that the Four Heavenly Knights are fighting against them but need help. But making matters back to worse again, Alpha Girl then inform everyone that the Monster Boys that assign to goven the regions: Jason, Loki, suijin and Draco also have one of the Four Spirirts with them. Leo and Alison tell everyone that with their newly unlock powers that they can deafeat the lesser Monster Boys, they can't fight the ones that have the spirits. But luckily, Alpha Girl tells them they can use the Artificial Four Spirits to help better their chances. Leo bonded to Zylphe and Gigamander while Alison bond with Grandine and Gnomaren and while they felt sick after bonding, they quickly adapt. Being with the Artificial Spirits, Phosphora and Shiva was conflicted but looking forward to working with them. When asked about where is the true Monster Boys leader: Incubis, Alpha Girl stated that he somehow disappeared and can not find him.

When Moses asked Alice on what is the situition with the Monster Girl goverment and the Monster Lord, this cause Leo, Alison, Luka and Alice to become depress and silent. Leo and Alison revealed that their sister Amira have betrayed them and was working the monster boys all along. Leo and Alison then suggested (and convince themselves) that Amira is being a spy to get close to Incubis, but Alice told them that isn't it. She revealed after investigeting, Amira was the one to allow Incubis to invade the Monster Lord's Castle. When asked themselves why she would do suck a thing, Alice reveal the shocking truth that Amira isn't technically isn't the rightful Monster Lord. She explains that after Alison was deemed not worthy to have the title, Amira was force to be the air despite not going through the trials because no Monster Lord's daughter have every failed to be qualified before. Everyone thinks that Amira is a lost cause, but Alison, Leo, their parents and Asteria disagree and think they can turn her to good again.

Not long after, they decide what to do. Luka and Alice will try to find a way to get to Amira and try to convice her to come back to them. Leo and Alison wanted to go to the regions which they haven't help yet: Leo, with Toto as his assitant, go to Gold Region  and Noah region and Alison, with Moses and Asteria forcing themselves to join her, will go to Natalia and Safina. Alpha Girl will also try and find Incubis and what he is trying to do. When Alice summon Garuda Girl and Leo and Alison is happy to see her ok, they all left to do their tasks.

Saving The World

Leo- Gold Region

When Leo and Toto arrived at the Gold Region, they stop to liberate Grangold. Once there, they found that a "Grasshoper Boy" is manipulating the Ant Girls to gether the local women for him to rape. Once they found him, it wasn't too difficult for Leo to defeat him. Once defeated, they interrogate Grasshoper Boy into revealing that Jason is hiding at Gold Port but would need to find Kitsune Boy to get him from hiding. Once they the Grangold King and Queen Ant is safe, they left to find Kitsune Boy.

Leo and Toto then went to Succubus Village for information on Kitsune Boy but discovered he's there. They learn that the local succubi was initially willingly to have sex with Kitsune Boy for the pleasur, but discovered afterwards they were the ones who became drained of energy. They soon found Kitsune Boy who was in an orgy and then he begin to battle with Leo. Leo find the fight not too difficult but having a hard time sealing him until Kitsune Boy pousted he have the energy he stole from the succubi within as Leo hit his tails to seal him. After making sure Lilith & Lilim, Succubus Witch and the Succubus Chief is safe, Leo and Toto drag Kitsune Boy to Gold Port

Once Leo and Toto arrive at Gold Port with Kitsune Boy, they discovered the place is over run with tentacles with penises at the end and raping the girls and Monster Girls. They sneak past the tentacles and found the charch that Jason is hiding but it's being protected by a barrier. The secound Kitsune Boy got the barrier down, Jason burst out and tackle Leo and they are begining to fight. Before they start fighting, Leo ask why he help save Sabasa eventhough he was helping Incubis. Jason explains that eventhough his objective is to get close to Sara, he personally was only looking a worth opponent. This cause Granberia to appeare and tell him that he should have face her. When explains he was terroizing the people so she will come to him, Granberia felt offended and says he shouldn't have attacked defencless people to find her. Despite wanting to face Jason by themselves, Leo and Granberia fought together and eventually Jason. Once Granberia gave Jason a handjob (the only sexual action a girl can give to a Monster boy and not be affected if they didn't touch the semen), Leo was reunited with Gnome and he and Toto left for the Noah region.

Alison- Natalia Region

Alison, Moses and Asteria arrive to Natalia on Garuda Girl. Despite wanting to go to Port Natalia, they all agree to go to San Ilia first. Once they arrive, they dicovered the place is over run by both boy and girl zombies raping everyone. Once they figure out that the main leading Monser Boy is a zombie and he is turning everyone else into zombies, they was worried that they can't find him. However, with the help of the ghosts that still live in the town, they guide them to Zombie Boy. After a fight, Alison defeated Zombie Boy and the town return to normal. Before leaving, the ghosts inform the group that the Forest of Spirits is also in danger.

Leo, Asteria and Moses arrive at the Forest of Spirits, they unexpectingly discovered the place is deserted. After a  search that didn't take them long, they discovered a orgy of Fairies and a Fairy Boy was incharge of it. Once Alison battled and sealed the Fairy Boy, the still couldn't find the elves and inform by the fairies that they have been moved to Plansect Village. Knowing Leo would be the one who will saved them, the group decide to go to Port Natalia.

One the group arrive, they it didn't took them long to find out the one incharge is a Mermaid Boy and to find him. Once the Mermaid Boy was defeated, Erubetie approach them and congratulat for what they done but says she couldn't find the Monster Boy incharge of the region. But then suddenly, a secound Erubetie and accuse the first one being Suijin- the shapeshifting Slime Boy. To find out which one which, Alison had the Erubeties to touch her sword because it would reveal the imposter and succeded (by the way, the secound Erubetie that arrived was Suijin). Alison and Erubetie then fight Suijin, but is unable to seal him or even weaken him becaue of how Suijin control his body. But after a long fight, Suijin begin to slightly loose control of his slime body because he isn't inserting his excesses into other woman and could leave because Erubetie is stopping. This leads to his defeat and Undine was reunited with Alison. Alison and her friends then leave on Garuda Girl.

Leo- Noah Region

When Leo and Toto arrive at Noah region on Garuda Girl, Leo want to land at Undine's Springs so he can reunite with his slime girlfriend: Aqua. Once they arrived at the springs, he discovered a Alraune Boy was incharge of the place and raping the slimes. But making things worse, he also fall in love with Aqua. He try to persuade Aqua to marry him and if she would, he wouldn't harm her but she refuse because she want to be loyal to Leo. Enraged, Leo appeared, defeat Arlaune Boy and save Aqua and the other slimes. Moved, Leo and Aqua almost had sex until Toto remind them that there is more people to save. For the rest of the journey, Aqua would accompany Leo. Along the way, Toto discovered that Aqua is ok with Leo sleeping with other monster girls as long as he still sleep with her.

Leo, Toto and Aqua decide to inspeact Yamatai Village and discovered a Lamia Boy is in charge and raping the citizens. Leo found, faught and defeat Lamia Boy and after the citizens congratulate them, they swiftly leave.

Leo and his friends would have go to Grand Noah,  they found out it's safe because Moses Ilias Kreuz men is already successfully protecting the place. They then head to Plansect instead. Once they arrive, they discovered Loki is there and with his powers, he is controling the plant monster girls with his will. But to make thing a lot worse, Loki had collected all the elves he could and instead of raping them, he is making the Alraunes torture them. Enraged on what he is doing, Leo found Loki and attack him to avenge the girls he is suffering. But unfortantly, Loki is using the surrounding Alarunes as human shields to get Leo to stop. When Loki is forcing Leo to surrender unless he would kill the Alarunes, Tamamo appeared and rescue the hostages. Leo and Tamamo fought and defeated Loki and got Sylph back. Loki then ask Leo to kill him because he want him to insact revenge, but Leo refuse. When Loki was abour to kill himself with Leo's weapon, Tamamo place a seal on him and disapeared. Leo asked where he went, but Tamamo convince him that he doesn't want to know. With Both Gold and Noah regions are know safe, Leo, Toto and Aqua return to Hellgondo.

Alison- Safana

Alison, Moses and Asteria arrive at Sabasa on Garuda Girl and discovered a lot of people collapsed on the steets. When inspeacting them, they discovered that the citzens have been drained of blood but not enough to kill them. This lead them to the conclution that the Monster Boy is a Vampire Boy. But in the end, Alison found and defeated the Vampire Boy and rescue the city.

Alison and her Friend then go to Witch Hunt Village. Once there, they discovered that the local Monster Boys that was raping the citizens is a Harpy Boy. Although it was difficult for Alsion to defeat him since he was staying in the air, using the technique she learn from her father, she allow him to get on top of her so she can strike him. With the town save, Alison then had the Harpy Boy to take her to his leader.

The Harpy Boy took Alison, Moses and Asteria to a spot in the desert. Just then, the Dragonkin Boy that try to assassinate Asteria's mother appeared in the sky and reveal that his name is Draco. Alison tell Asteria to not get involved, but she says she already know not to but wants Alison to make Draco pay. When Alison and Draco try to fight, Draco remain in the air. Alison waited for him to get closer, but Draco reveals that he already knows what she is trying to do and with the powers of Salamander, her use projectile attacks to harm her. As Alison couldn't think of what to do, Alma Elma appeared and force Draco to the ground and stopping him to get his distance back. Although this didn't cause Draco to be any weaker, Alison did eventually defeat him. Once Alison rebonded with Salamander, her, Moses and Asteria then go back to Hellgondo since they finish their mission.

New Skills

"Get Off of Me"

This is a new skill which Leo can do which he learned from his dream with Ilias. Normally, once Luka/Leo got their penises inserted into the enemies vergina or any other impossible to escape skill, they would loose from instant follow-ups. But now Leo can escape no matter what, even if it would be instant KO via follow-up.

Monster Girl Lust Boost

This is a skill which only Alison is going to use. However, she can only use it once her health dropped to a certain point. Afterwards, Alison can then transform into her Monster Lamia form and become stronger and escape any bind instantly.

Hope You Enjoy This

Thank you for reading but I hope you enjoy reading. Like I said on top, the next instalment will be the last one. But don't worry, I have some more Ideas to do. 

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