Ok, I know the main gimmick is GIRLS-Rape-BOYS. But isn't it kind of strange and different.

When you think of tentacle rape, do you think tentacles stroking your dick. NO! You'll imagin a tentacles thrusting into a girl's pussy/ass/mouth/ALL THREE until it scruts tentacle sperm. You also don't imagin suckers at the end to drink your cum.

When you look up Vore videos on the internet, you don't look for guys being eaten (and see them chewed to bits). You look for girls being eaten. Girls being swollowed hole, going down the large cretures throught and enters what might be a tight space which messarges you until disolve-tion.

When you hear "rape" and "Loli" in the same scentance, you don't want to hear a guy being rape by a loli. You would expect a to a Loli Being RAPE!

One of the reasons why I like Monster Girl Quest is because it brake off from the norm. Doing a deconstruction. Having men getting rape for a change. But it feels so different...I don't know? It just something you don't usally expect.

What do you Think?

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