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Ok, OK (huff, puff, pointless typing to make it sound like i'm out of breath). I have got a brilliant idea which I just have to write down and post to you guys. A side story:... where you fight the Lesbian Spider Queen Of Mars.

For those who don't know who that is or not click on the link, its about a Spider chick who is on mars with a harem of slaves. Although her name is the "Lesbian" Spider Queen and says she had an ex-girlfriend, there isn't much lesbianism except one slave licking one of her legs at the end and another feeding her "a grape". But hay, just because there isn't much of it doesn't mean she isn't, you know.

I just got this one idea for a side story where you play as Cecil, Alison (from my Monster Girl Adventure series) or some other female person where you are meant to go and save a bunch of kiddnapped women (including princesses) from the Lesbian Spider Queen. The reason I am just writing this down and not actually make it is because I don't have the means to do so and I con't be bothered to do so.

I know this might be a bit difficult because the person who makes this will get sued, but they made a side story with Ika Musume. BUT I Implore you and everybody who reads this, imagine the image of that lesbian spider and her "seducing" Cecil and all of the Monster Girl Lesbianism that can come from this. SURE, we have Sara who says she's a lesbian (but then try ans seduce Luka), we have Cecil's Adventures (but the much lesbianism is in that is just a tight hug) and we finally get that out-of-nowhere Lesbian sex with Granberia and Alma Elma (but how long did it take to make it). BUT I SAY: IT'S NOT ENOUGH! So again, I implore you to make this dream into a reality.

(but if not, we still have our imagination to jerk-off to)