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    Monster Girl Adventure 5

    December 18, 2013 by Beesjo

    Ok, Here is part 5. The next part will be the last chapter so I'm going to squeeze as much as I can in this part (although that means there shouldn't be a lot in the next one).

    Zombie Boy- He is an undead, zombie Monster Boy. The only thing remarkably about him is that when he rapes a girl, he turn her into a "Zombie Girl" and whoever they rape will also turn into "zombies" and so forth.

    Kitsune Boy- This Monster Boys is a Kitsune with seven tails. The only thing that gets me to mention about him know is that within all of his tail is storing large amounts of magic within every tail.

    Jason- Jason is a Scylla Monster Boy who meets Jason as Sabasa. He was a traveling swordsmen who carry a collection of swords which he would wield them with his …

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  • Beesjo

    Monster Girl Adventure 4

    December 5, 2013 by Beesjo

    Hey guys, here is part 4. Before you start reading, I notice in my lost post: "MGA 3.5 insperation", I notice nobody commented in it. Now I know you shouldn't post your "feelings" in the internet like a girl.

    I hope you like this part as much as I am making this up.

    During the boat ride to the Ilias Continent, Leo was relaxing on the ship's deck. As Toto and Amira was trying to get Leo to think what he's going to get the world leaders support, Granberia appeared and want to train Leo to improve on his sword skills. Leo says he doesn't need it and added if he did (don't want to offensive), he doesn't want somone that he defeated. However, everyone else (including Amira, Toto, Gnome and even Sylph, but not Phosphora) agrees that Granberia was …

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  • Beesjo

    Hello folks, I hope you like my little series. If you haven't read them yet, here are the links.

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    This isn't going to be the next instalment and want to write something a bit different. Whenever I go back and see my pages that I make, I always gets disappointed by how few people are commenting. It's just I putting all this hard and imaginative work into this and that not many people are noticing it. It makes me questioned if what I'm doing is worth the effort. Heck, This paragraph was meant to quilt trip you to feel sorry for me.

    I then start to wonder what I'm doing wrong. Well, I'm writing in blog posts and you meant to write how you feel in blogs. So I will dedicate this page to writing some of insperation and choices I m…

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  • Beesjo

    Ok, OK (huff, puff, pointless typing to make it sound like i'm out of breath). I have got a brilliant idea which I just have to write down and post to you guys. A side story:... where you fight the Lesbian Spider Queen Of Mars.

    For those who don't know who that is or not click on the link, its about a Spider chick who is on mars with a harem of slaves. Although her name is the "Lesbian" Spider Queen and says she had an ex-girlfriend, there isn't much lesbianism except one slave licking one of her legs at the end and another feeding her "a grape". But hay, just because there isn't much of it doesn't mean she isn't, you know.

    I just got this one idea for a side story where you play as Cecil, Alison (from my Monster Girl Adventure series) or so…

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  • Beesjo

    Monster Girl Adventure 3

    November 20, 2013 by Beesjo

    1 Comment, I decide to do another instalment. OK, really! I'm guessing not a lot of people checking blogs, but it's hard to tell if people reading mine. So I decided to do a little contest: If this post get 10 comments (including relplies), I'll make a post with a link to a site that has Cecil's Adventure defeat scenes. The only rule is that I'm not counting comments that are the same, so no copying and pasting.

    So here is the next part of Leo's and Alison's adventures in... Monster Girl Adventures

    This explains what happended to character from the original series to these stories. PLEASE NOTE: I'm a guy who haven't played chapter 3 yet and there might be inconsistencies. If anything is inconsistant, it'll gives you a reason to comment.

    Four …

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