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Scylla Sanguinem Potator

Scylla Sanguinem Potator

A recently-discovered breed of octopus-like monsters who recently surfaced on all oceans of the world, the Scylla Sanguinem Potator are ancient monsters, belonging to a different evolutionary tree of monsters.

The are very voracious monsters, relishing the taste of blood after their tentacles manage to engulf a prey (whether human, monster or non-sentient animal; they’re not picky), break down their body and drink all of their nutrients. As monsters, they also relish the taste of human semen. Their method of feeding on men is engulfing them with their mouthed tentacles, but as any monster, the sensation of being engulfed causes no pain. Husbands to these creatures have described their interiors as having villi-like projections that tickle every part of their body, but they engulf to focus on their penis. Even the digestive juices cause no pain; in fact, it greatly magnifies the pleasure of a victim being eaten, even if their body is being melted and their blood drawn out.

The sizes of Scylla Sanguinem Potator vary on how deep they have been located in the sea. Most that are found on 4,000 feet are only twice as big as fairies, living on fish, shrimp and other small animals. Those who are living on the depths of 20,000 feet are big enough to be able to prey on even the alpha predators of the seas. Those who are living on 30,000 to 40,000 feet deep are the rarest, yet the most famous and feared, even back during the time of Alice I.

Their dispositions are mainly dimwitted, carefree, silly and greedy, but they have high intelligence, even problem-solving and planning intelligence. In one incident, one sailor reported that a Scylla Sanguinem Potator had managed to outwit them, jailing them in one place, getting many of his shipmates on an all-out attack, and even using a blunderbuss (with her tentacles) to cripple the captain. Despite this, they have difficulty in adhering with Alice XVI’s guide on coexisting with humans and fellow monsters, not because of greed or intended voracity, but because voracity is part of their instinct and on occasions, they cannot help it.

Afterword: Anyone who watched a particular movie (Clue: The monster in that movie is named “Arachea Ottoia”) I based her from shall recognize that she is just an inspiration from that movie and not my entire creation. It also goes without saying that I do not own MGQ for any matter.

And also, Sanguinem Potator is Latin for "blood drinker".