If the MGQ universe will be set in modern times, these are my speculations what life their characters will take into…

Note that this is my interpretation of their modernized characters, not the storyline itself, so you may find some pieces of their character bio not corresponding to their canonical versions.

So…eh…I’m a bit shy about this, but let’s roll on…


Luka = a late-teenage boy who has been used to live in the countryside until he had to leave, following the death of his parents and their farm being mortgaged. To live on, he had to move into the city and get a job as a cook in a restaurant managed by Alice. Coming from the countryside, he was taught by his mother how to cook delicious dishes (which proved to be useful that Alice took notice on) and also taught by his father (who used to be an army veteran) about weapons, martial arts and survival techniques. But he is not without his flaws; he is a bit dimwitted and ignorant about city life (on which Alice, to her dismay, has to guide him through) and he is barely educated (although he knows how to read, count and write).

He is quite the restaurant’s best cook, and this is one of the causes why the restaurant has managed to grow despite tough competition, for his dishes had caught the tongues of many people, enough for Alice to deem him special to the restaurant, but not to her personally, although that after knowing him better, her feelings grow for him.

Alice = the manager and owner of the restaurant Luka is working on. A skillful restaurant manager and owner who is tough but caring to her employees, especially Luka, whose dishes she has grown to love, but still this did not made Luka into her favorite, as she deems anyone equal to each other. She is a cold and calculating person, but she also values her employees and always encourages them to bring out their best. Those who do not improve, though, shall expect to be whipped by her harsh vocabulary.

She has a particular dislike for perverts; many men from her teenage to present years had tried to woo her just to get on her body, but they only either manage to get a rejection at best and a tail slap at worst. The same could be said of dimwits, religious fanatics and idiots, although not as grievously as she hate perverts.

But as a person, she also has her likes: Food (especially Ama-ama Dango [especially those made by Luka]), arcade games (she’s quite a skilled player), classical music (although she listens to pop music too) and adventure movies. She also dislikes laziness (said above), being berated for her gluttony (she always points out the speaker’s flaws in return), simplistic fairy tale-like love stories (deems them unrealistic), horror stories (she’s afraid of ghosts) and being matched to Luka (but hates even more when she is matched to anyone else).

Coming from the royal family of the Monster Lord bloodline, she was orphaned at a young age and then was adopted by Tamamo. This also explains how she became a successful businesswoman at a young age.

Granberia = she is the famed leader of the Dragon Fist Gang, a biker gang that has been ‘terrorizing’ the city, but she and her gang has been noted not to go after the weak people, such as kids and old people, and NOT to kill if necessary, but she is wanted by the police for many criminal cases, especially robbery.

Demonized by the rich and adored by the poor, Granberia and her gang are also noted amongst the slums for giving half of their proceeds to orphanages and paying for the impoverished people’s medical and educational needs. She has placed most of the slums under her protection; no other street gang even dares to challenge her after incurring her wrath.

She and her subordinates are skilled in martial arts and use of weapons, fighting more like special force soldiers than barely trained gangsters, another addition to a long list of causes why they always manage to evade the jaws of the law. Granberia herself is a famed practitioner of ancient martial arts that were thought to be nonexistent, and none can surpass her at the moment (except for Alma).

Alma Elma = a boss of a Succubus prostitute den that has lined many bars in the city’s red light district. She is popular amongst the bar customers and has won the hearts of many popular and high-ranking persons, such as actors, doctors and government officials upon taking them to her bed, so it may be no surprise at all if she herself can influence high-ranking people with her charm. No one has been able to last her superior sexual techniques, but like Granberia, she is also skilled in ancient martial arts techniques as Granberia does, she always participates in monster fight clubs. Aside from that, she is the only one who knows what the Dragon Fist Gang’s queen’s weakness is (but no one knows that she knows).

If not being in the red light district or being a lover to a famous or high ranking person, she is a carefree person who loves nature and strolling, or rather, flying down the countryside, which is the main reason why Luka always crosses path with her whenever he misses the fresh air of the countryside, which always results in a hide-and-seek game.

She is also one of Alice’s main customers, after having her tongue caught by Luka’s delicious dishes. For that, she wanted to taste Luka and take his virginity, but he always manages to avoid her advances thanks to sheer luck.

Tamamo = Alice’s adoptive mother who owns lots of successfully big-profitable businesses. She has a long list of ventures such as beauty salons, antique shops, herbal medicine shops, hotels, art galleries, shopping malls, and restaurants, on which one is managed by Alice.

However, far from being stressed in her businesses, she loves living her life to the fullest. She can be said as the most optimistic of our character list and like most of her race, she loves Yamatai cuisine very much, specifically thin fried tofu, but she sees the fast-food varieties lesser to her tastes. She also loves shopping, nature strolling (which is also why Luka also tends to meet her during walking down to the countryside), talking about personal relationships especially love life, and is known to frequent comedy bars and classical music operas.

This is not said that she derelicts from her businesses after all, seeing how well her ventures are going on. She seems young for her age, due to being the most powerful of the Kitsune race. She is also willing (and even encourages) to teach her entrepreneurial knowledge to those who are willing, human or mamono; but since most of her prodigies are of her own race, the Kitsune race dominate the world of entrepreneurship. Due to her power, all Kitsune are graced to meet and bow before her power without any hesitation, not only out of love and respect, but also to bask under her wisdom, giving her an insight that she is more than she seems to be.

Regarding her relationship with Alice, she always love to pamper her like a baby, much to Alice’s dismay being called a mama’s girl, and Tamamo always nags her on taking Luka for herself. She always tries to speed the things between the two.

Erubetie = a leader of an environmental organization that makes people aware of what has people’s carelessness had done to the environment, especially the city’s polluted river. She hardened her stance against the city upon hearing that the government allowed a mining corporation, known for its faulty environmental protective measures, to operate in the mountains where her childhood home, Undine’s Spring, is located. She may not be radical as her timely-canonical counterpart, but she is going over the edge, as she is considering leveling up her actions from protests into sabotage.

Her protests are not in vain, though, as more and more men are joining her cause for saving the environment, and other ‘reasons’. She is quite popular amongst male environmentalists, and many men had attempted to join her crusade just because of her. She can see the perverted desires of these men to experience the slimy pleasure her kin can give, and were consequently get to know her evil side.

But she also has her good side; she knows how to differ work from play. She may be more on the ‘work’ side, but one thing funny about her is that she loves pranks, but not to the point that it will degrade her victim. She also loves comedy, and performs such in a comedy bar every weekend night, where she can make fun of any topic, even the thing she hates most.

Ilias = Tamamo’s biggest business rival and also known for her discrimination against monsters (she prioritizes employing angels/humans over monsters, deeming them inefficient) although this does not stop her businesses from employing monsters for special jobs (such as Spiders for sewing clothing and Alraune and Bee Girls for honey production). Her hatred of monsters is deeper than others think; her goal is to plunge the world into war so that the monster-friendly states will be weakened enough to fall under her regime and begin cleansing the world of monsters. The reason behind this is unknown.

For that, she also supports the anti-monster terrorist organization using her arms dealing business (weapons industry is one of her businesses superior to Tamamo’s, but because Tamamo is not interested in that field and does not have such).

She seems to have hidden depths such as being a former acquaintance of Luka’s parents, having knowledge of Alice’s past besides Tamamo, her involvement in the government’s back door dealings, and responsible for funding Promestein’s projects in accordance to their contract.


Promestein = an ambitious scientist working for Ilias and an anti-monster terrorist group. She is also a former renowned scientist in the city university, but what made her turn away from it is unknown. Not as gravely amoral as her timely-canonical counterpart, she has no interest for her inventions to be used in warfare, but instead is focusing on how to learn how and why the universe works in its way, yet this is no reason she must abide by ethical rules. In short, she will do anything in all her power to accomplish her goal.

One of her noted projects is the Chimera Project, which brings strange-looking monsters into life, bio-engineered for war. Ilias hopes to market these creatures to the world’s militaries to be used for war, to destabilize the world peace. Other weapons she had helped to develop are an anti-matter bomb, teleforce projectors, blinding laser beams, dimensional rift generator

Due to the restrictions her employers are putting into her, she is thinking of defecting to the government (for a short duration), work a bit in their scientific projects for some more cash, set up a business (so that she will have an independent source of income for her mission) and finally bug out from the outside world and continue her project independently, where she can do what she want and no one can stop her.

She tends to think things logically and factually, not letting her emotions and guilt to cloud her judgment, but she knows that her emotional needs to be fulfilled by things she deems illogical and irrational, to her fear.

Sara = one of Granberia’s prodigies and candidates for being her right hand, and ironically the daughter of the city police commissioner (three guesses who is this police commissioner), although both sides do not know it. She is also the only human member of the Dragon Fist Gang.

She wanted to help people in their need and used to wish to be a police officer like her daddy, but he wanted her to be something else, anything but being a police officer, firefighter or soldier, since the city is much dangerous even for an experienced one.

After being saved by Granberia from a certain death during a gang war and eventually seeing her gang unlike what the police shows them to be, she joined the Dragon Fist Gang and she has no problems with it, helped by the fact that they avoid confrontation with the police unless absolutely necessary. Although she is an enemy of the law, she is happy to uphold what her past wish should, ensuring that their beneficiaries live on to see the next day.

Like the rest of her ‘sisters’, she is also skilled in martial arts and unlike her timely-canonical counterpart, she is competent in fighting and is being considered by her idol to be her right hand.

Amira = a comedy bar performer, known for her bizarre form, making her the freak show of the bar. She loves chick flicks and fairy tales, and dreams of living happily ever after with a beloved. Other than that, despite her almost Don Quixote-like attitude, she is a heartwarming person outside the comedy bar and is also a member of a charitable organization for the poor and orphans.

Chrome = an orphan who lives by her own in an apartment three blocks away from Alice’s restaurant. But one thing admirable of her is that her intelligence spans beyond even the teachers at the school she is studying into, thanks to the tutelage of her sister before she went missing. Because of that, she is one of the school’s best students and has been availed of full government scholarship and government allowance for being a model student. She aims to be a renowned scientist just as her sister and discover the truth of the world one day (but she knows that she has her limits and has focused on simple things before going complicated).

She is not without her problems; she is often a target of The Four Bullies whenever she comes to or returns from school; subjected to being beaten up and her money taken away. This is why she can be found going home with tears in her eyes, hoping that her sister will come back to protect her.

Despite being admired by the city for her perseverance as a student, she has few real friends, the other ‘friends’ are actually trying to take advantage of her, such as making her do their assignments. The apartment room she lives on is haunted by two ghosts named Spi and Rit, who became her friends and always help her in her research.

One thing that is bothering about her is that she is fascinated much on how the male and female reproductive systems work that she often studies them. She also attempts on-hand experimentations and tests, namely, attempting sexual intercourse, but she hasn’t been successful, much to her dismay that her teachers told her that she should not study it and that the time will come that she will be able to research it. This has not dissuaded her, for she wants to know it, why people have genders, and to answer the questions that come after it.


Well, that’s all I can do. I can do more characters, but there is no guarantee. Feel free to put your own interpretations.



I am currently having difficulty creating modern biographies for other characters, which will explain why some of their bios below seem to be lacking. Anyway, let's roll...

The Four (Bandits) Bullies = a gang consisting of Dragon Pup, Tiny Lamia, Goblin Girl and Vampire Girl, obviously. I have two takes on them, it’s either;

      *They are Chrome’s classmates and are jealous of Chrome’s good reputation with the school, the reason why they beat her up so badly. However, the situation is far more than that… (It’s just I can’t come up with possible reasons why they were turned into that way, but being maltreated by their foster parents will be just a cliché. One thing that I can come up with is: that you fill the gap here or change it altogether to suit them.) 

j     *They're juvenile delinquents who have used to beat Chrome for her money so much, although they target others too. They live on by stealing, but they are nothing compared to real-life juvenile delinquents; the Four Bullies do not take and deal on drugs, smoking and alcohol and they have hesitation to kill someone. They do not have parents or guardians, a permanent home and they do not go to school. People could’ve taken pity for them, if not for their crimes. So far, their gravest crime is stealing and bullying Chrome; they would wait for her as she goes between her apartment and school, and then beat her if she does not give her money.

      Micaela = a customer of Alice’s restaurant, seems to be a daily average woman. In actuality, she is an undercover government agent (or order of fallen angels) who had been given a mission to protect Alice and Luka from threats such as Ilias and Black Alice, in case that Ilias manage to discover where the last of the Fateburn family is living, together with a person code named “Angel Killer II”.

Although she hails from the same home as Luka’s and she knows him a lot, he is not familiar of her. She seems to know about his parents’ past and the answer it holds why he is being pulled into a covert war between angels and monsters.

Colonel (Seraph) Eden = Ilias’ right hand and the most loyal of her henchwomen. As seen in her timely-canonical self, she is fiercely loyal to her code. She commands an elite covert ops force of angels in order to carry out her tasks.

She is headstrong, ruthless and cold-blooded, giving utmost focus and importance to her goal, putting the mission above her subordinates’ lives and ultimately hers, but she is not a very good tactician. Yet, she is the reason why no one dares to betray Ilias, and that’s why Ilias finds her extremely important.

She despises monsters more than anyone else and will cherish every second giving a monster, a human ‘sinner’ or someone who dares to betray Ilias, a slow, painful death. She currently studies and inventing a thousand ways to kill and counting. She is also obsessed in killing the (incognito) Monster Lord, even forging a special holy dagger for that occasion.

More than that, she loves Ilias to the bottom of her heart, to the point that some suspect that she is in (romantic) love with her. Sadly (to her), it seems that Ilias gives no importance on leveling up their relationship beyond that of master and servant, although she values her as her most important follower.


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