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sheol quest in few

ilias summons from the "present" a future hero (Albert), to let them play an important task, seal the gates of hell. takes place throughout the first monster lord period.

out of canons stuff and specials helps.

  • we meet ilias of that period, but is not the genocide ilias, but a ilias a polite and respectful towards the monsters. ( In shorts and a ilias we meet at that time not one of the three chapters of MGQ)
  • before going into hell (or sheol), promestain (came with us from the future) will give us control over the 4 elemental spirits artificial
  • alice vii will help us doing evaluations in the event of our defeat

enemy and levels

the enemy (i still do the concept about)


  • the seven deadly sins
    • ​sloth
    • greed
    • envy
    • wrath
    • pride
    • gluttony
    • lusth (the mosth dangerous)
  • the 5 hourse girl of apocalypse
    • war
    • deat
    • famine
    • pestilence
    • conquest
  • Charon girl
  • satan girl

seven sins = seven strategy

every capital sin have different tactics, I will explain in brief


does not attack for 3 turns, when it attacks makes about 3/4 of damage


regular tactics, but include "Temptation" for a payment from the "natural"


tactic regular, proportion of 90% of attacks behind


repeated attacks in a round, as well as add a state of paralysis to the player


little defense, but with a knockout attack (50% fail)


motionless at one point, but will try to take the player (bind state) and then devour him alive


more hader sins, this may cause a state of "surrender", then later petrify the player (such as a luxurious trophy)

5 hoursegirls

tactics here are a little more complicated, including some new states of health


attacks are double and can cause burns*, she are the fire knight


attacks slow, but direct. may cause poisoning (are one state  unused), she are knight of the wind


attacks based on "dry land", it can cause a state of paralysis, she is the knight of the earth


can use the arrows causing a frozen state *, and then slowly absorb hp (like a leech), she is the knight of the water


cause paralysis or Temptation, moving the player, like a puppet


young ilias concept

*explain Coming soon

for who helps...

I'm not a programmer an artist to create the gb alone, for those who want help I am available

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