ok, I'll explain in brief the project... 

it all starts with the title screen (monsterpedia, new game ect.), it all starts, where luka walking toward a forest ... completely normal (except scermata statistics are all at maximum), you encounter enemies Lovello low ... but do not attack (although we do expect the option)... 

it continues when you arrive in a small house, where you will see a small dialog box "he's here," contiando the eslorazione of the house is presented to us the opportunity to address some low level monsters, to get to a room where there 'is alice.

dialogue with alice is simply the screams, but the belly sivede totally ripped out where a dead fetus .... behind alice there is a mirror where we can gurdarci ... the reflected image of luka is completely transformed, as if it were a demon ... at this point the game is interrupted re bringing the player to the main screen , but everything goes black, and the other options are gone except monsterpedia.

all the girls that we have faced, were killed ... their face devoid of expression lines the body in black and white and the description shows only the word "death" to get to a new page ... entitled "him", where we see luka, or rather the reflection of luka ... the description reads "you enjoyed killing innocent people? hero." aThis point begins the battle against "luka", seeing no chance of winning that every action will end up failing if we attack. in the end the creature attacks by a knockout in one shot

end of game.

so any question about?

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