name: alberto

age: unknow?

race: demon?

class: plague doctor and engineer

max HP: 2000

energy: dark power

weapons: stell glove, a backbag with a shot toxic smoke, but in general him bulid stuff


he is a demon arrived by ship from another realm, usually it is located in the inns, always at the bar counter, but more frequently it is possible to find it in the chrome masion, in the upper part of the house...


frendly with the human,  but is some way creepy. usualy him not talks much... get easy mad if cornered.

Strengths and Weaknesses

him is immune to the posion , increases its power in the dark, he did not touch the ground because flutua as a spectrum (for what can not be hurt if walking on tenterhooks), can summon spirits through his gloves steel

him take double demange from the angel powers.

attive ability:

king of the poisons: attack all the enemy using a toxic nube.

curse bite: bite a one enemy, infecting them with the pestilence, not work wit not deat creatures

war machine: lose 5 tur5ns to bulid a "meccanic stuff", send ko enemy a case

passive ability

glory of the deat: increases the power of the team for each blow dealt to an enemy angelic

bad feelings: Halves damage of the team from the venom if the companions are poisoned

tar shell: 1\2 the atrtack of the enemy (not work with the slimes )

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