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  • I was born on April 4
  • I am male
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    April 24, 2015 by Albert art

    I made a promise to translate the "4koma" on MGQ to help the author, I need people to give me a hand in 'having only the separate text from the image ... please aiutatemii (as if cared about to someone ) the rest of the work I do ... ok ... I'm desperate ....

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  • Albert art

    ok, it's a blog improvised

    but... kida take some problem about the ttr if really want cut mgq paradox in 3 parts kida. whit rpg maker are a problem keep the saves if the game are cut in 3 parts... maybe are just me... but are kida hader the coding and hacking for rpg maker, but are just me

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  • Albert art

    Dungeon & Girls

    January 5, 2015 by Albert art

    ok, is a hybrid project between MGE and D & D open resorce

    for now i have in list over 500 gals from mitology , D&D and Pathfinder.

    i need to people to can vrite a short info about the gals...

    (also some one to drawing in a better quality the gals pic)

    i am open of news ideas for add new gals (but put in the comment or in my talks page)

    soon i make a wiki about ( util i finish the make the concepts)


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  • Albert art

    original idea by that link

    • any attive monster get k.o. will be replaced with a passive member of the team. (except luka)
    • the passive\attive team can not accommodate monsters made ko previously
    • hose that become active as a bottom can not become passive again

    have fun folks

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  • Albert art

    note: the side story is almost done,  i post the link in the side story page

    that side story is make with the beta 9, but has small important things to know:

    • is set in after Chapter 3
    • hadercore battle with 4 phase
    • Special guest, in  the valuations
    • lot spoiler about the chapter 3

    that are the all you need to know

     ( you can find here -> )

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