Zizzle the Shizzlenator

aka Zizzle

  • I live in the Cognitive Realm
  • My occupation is I write stuff. I WISH people paid me for it.
  • I am Male

I'm Orpheus the Traveller, player of weird video games and writer of even weirder scenarios. Feel free to check out my stuff on the Monster Girl Quest Side Stories page.

Currently, I've written:

  • The Traveller's Tales: A collection of side stories about various random protagonists I've made up as excuses to write about monster girls. Currently includes stories about Ghost Girl (Ghost Story), Succubus (Kiss of the Night) and pretty much all of the MGQ vampires (Blood Oath).
  • The Goddess' Judgment: Luka's fate after losing to Ilias' army. Features Trinity, Angel Soldiers, Wormiel, and of course Ilias herself.
  • Stairway to Heaven: Luka's journey to Heaven to receive his reward from Ilias. Features Ilias, Cupid, Valkyrie, and flashbacks of Alice.

Feel free to send feedback, suggestions, or any other comments about my side stories to

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