A face only a mother could love. Though probably not.

Well, howdy there stranger! If you're here, my only guess is, you just clicked a wrong link, cuz I can't imagine any compellin' reason for you to look me up.

Well too bad. Yer stuck with me now. That's right. And that evil seal in my avatar is looking right at YOU. Bet you wish you weren't sitting in front of the computer naked now, arencha?

My favorite hobbies include making Sylph and the Four Bandits cry, beating up the kitsune and taking her lunch money, setting dark elves' hair on fire, sniffing Granberia's bedsheets, milking minotauroses, teaching Erubetie how to smile, and making Ilias as creepy and bonkers as humanly possible. Why? Because I am a bad man.

All Granberias, minotauroses, (happy) Erubeties and Iliases are strongly encouraged to drop me a line (strictly clothing optional). Dark elves, lolis, vore monsters, dark elves, beelzebubs, and dark elves need not apply. Absolutely no dark elves. All Virtue Revels, Power Berryelles and Virtue Silkiels will be shot on sight.  All Black Alices will have their heads removed and spiked on my fenceposts.

Thank you. And have a pleasant tomorrow.

I do it all for the Swiss cheese.

Do it for her.

The Viper 121 MGQ Sidestory Anthology

What started as a bored daydream as I was driving down the Illinois interstate has taken on a life of its own. Here before you are all the side stories my twisted little brain concocted over the past year or so. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll never look at Swiss cheese the same way again!

Does a Body Good

With Pyth


A thickheaded follower of Ilias is dying of thirst after crossing the Sabasa Desert. Just when he thinks all is lost, a minotauros stumbles across him and tries to quench his thirst her own unique way. Note that this ep was my first Homeric (the poet, not the Simpsons) attempt at erotical writing.

Fifty Evaluations: The Untold Story

With Goddess Ilias, Granberia, Slime Girl


The one that started it all. Ilias bitterly recounts what it was like to watch a hopelessly inept Luka succumb to monster temptations from her 'unbiased' perspective. Each evaluation Ilias doles out culminates and builds up to a bizarre alternate take on the punishment Luka receives for disappointing her fifty times. My first and still one of my best. I've tweaked this mod a couple times now. Partly because I couldn't leave it well enough alone, partly so I could make it more compatible with Cecil's nscript. Even if you downloaded it back when I first uploaded back in July of last year, I'd still recommend you get it again.

Loose End

With Alma Elma


A previously unseen Alma Elma rape scene thought to have been lost during the production MGQ2. Until now. Alice and a large portion of the MGQ cast feel Alma Elma isn't living up to her full potential and call her out on it. Not one to shy away from a challenge, Alma Elma rises to the occasion to the best of her ability. If you're a fan of all things Alma and anal, then this is just the ticket for you!

Love by The Blade

With Granberia, Sara


Try as Luka might, Granberia got the best of him in the Monster Lord's Castle. At first, he lives the brutal life of being her plaything. But how does Luka's Dragon Seal Trial factor in? And where did Sara disappear to, anyway? And Granberia starts changing in ways Luka has never seen before.

Monster Girl Quest: The Gag Reel


All of Monster Girl Quest’s beloved waifus and Ilias replay some of their favorite mishaps caught on camera during the making of Chapters 1 and 2.'

Monster Girl Quest: The Gag Reel 2


With its diverse and quirky cast, Monster Girl Quest is never short of outtakes. Both Alice and Ilias play back some of bloopers that didn't make it in the first Gag Reel.

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