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Welp, outta ideas. Just praise the loli goddess (or the loli maou if you want)!

Working on right now

Priority: High

I'll be doing the original monsters from Paradox that aren't either Bosses, Apoptosis, Beasts, Kitsunes. There is already someone doing them and I was quite the dick to edit some of those myself without knowing that there was already someone doing them.

Priority: Medium

I'll go check and edit some of my already done pages if the "Counsel" comes up with new ideas about how we should make the pages more uniform and padronized, since right now there is another three people doing it and we all have our own styles of making pages.

Priority: Low

I'll edit this page as the time pass by.

Prefered Style to make pages

Companion Pages

Systematic ones. I like tables, numbers and technical info that let's me choose the best companion to raise to the upcoming battle based on their stats, races, jobs, and traits. I have the guilty of have choosen some based on appearance alone (like the bandits) but I normaly choose based on the system.

So my pages contain a lot of information about the system behind this characters, but not so much lore since it already appears on the Paradox Page of that character.

I also list the sidequests, for most boring it may be, of that character on my pages IF he has one that is SIMPLE. If it needs a guide I'll list a link to that special page, since they were made to be used and not copied into another page.

Main Pages

I don't edit Main Universe pages (because they are already perfect) and Paradox Pages (since there is someone doing the monsters I think), but I add the tabs to the Paradox/Companions pages on the main page of each character (if it needs it) so do not fret if I put the division but never make the Paradox one, because it's not my turf.

English level

I'm not american or english, I'm a brazilian! Tadaa! Yes, we can talk in english. Yes, we have computers. And no, I don't say "huehuehue" because it's stupid and cancerous. But I kinda have our weird sense of humor so there's that.

Don't expect from myself 100% correct gramar since I was self-taught by videogames and movies. Never cursed anything else and have 0 diplomas regarding this language.

My favorite pages

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