It's pronounced Old/Friend!.. Or it was, though there are now some who know by the rather metal name of Slash, or perhaps Old Slash. If you think my name sounds familiar, it isn't impossible that you've heard of me before. This isn't the first name I've butchered with an /, after all! There is also an actual OldFriend on this, or the wikia system proper. I'm rather interested in finding out if we're doppelgangers, or just of similar mind.

Just a purveyor of scenarios and good will.

In the time I've made this page, there are now many excellent resources at your disposal for not only creating scenarios of your own, but choosing between side-stories and re-patches; naturally, this extends to going the full route, and perhaps learning Ren'Py or some other language. And on top of that, C0var1ant is working on a Side Story Engine, and ideally a mod-writing utility to ease the pain of those of you for whom coding is a l̶e̶w̶d̶  dirty word.

That being said - please don't hesitate to leave a talk at me or my page should you have any questions or issues you think I might be able to help you with. I enjoy helping others - and if I can assist, I will be glad to do so.

And please - please - please - feel free to leave comments, feedback, criticism or the like about my work. There is nothing I love more than talking shop with people. Yes, even when it's about MGQ scenarios.

Speak not the Watchers.

Draw not the Watchers.

Write not the Watchers.

Sculpt not the Watchers.

Sing not the Watchers.

Call not the Watchers' name.

A preview of things to come.

There will be a third game in the Drakengard series. I consider it monster-related enough due to the heart-rending relations of the first game to link this. Even if you know or care nothing for the series, please feel free to relax with these soothing piano tunes. What an interesting year 2013 is turning out to be...

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