aka Juni

  • I live in Lawrence, MA
  • I was born on February 21
  • I am Male
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Level: Unknown
HP (Normal): Immeasurable
Experience: -30,000
Skills: None
Area: Editing Lord's Castle 
Appears in: Real Life

Juni221, commonly referred to as simply Juni, is a rather strange young man. He likes to think about what-ifs, and is more of an idea-man than an action-taker, the only exception being founding this wiki, and it wasn't his idea. He found out about MGQ when a stream he frequented did a playthrough. While he only saw about 25% of the game, he wanted to play it for himself. Just like everyone else, he came for the porn and stayed for plot. He actually ended up skipping all the H-scenes at one point.


  • He is known for his extreme hatred of NTR, stating it's just as bad if not worse than guro.
  • His favorite knight is Tamamo, and his least favorite is Erubetie
  • His favorite spirit is Salamander, and his least favorite is Gnome

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