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Best video about Monmusu

Top shota in Za Warudo.

Opinion on main characters

  • Goddess Ilias- Cool, sexy and tragic. She was betrayed by her own subordinate Luka and did nothing wrong. She really loves Luka and don't want to hurt him-she could just kill him in the end with something powerful in the end, but she didn't and even healed him of angel erosion.
  • Luka- Top shota, Badass hero and just a good guy. Despite everything, he still believes that human and monsters can coexist. And he doesn't hate humans who harmed his mother and him. He even forgive Ilias in the end (At least, i believe so)
  • Alice-Worst character and waifu. She is as useless as saber . Her actions are unforgivable (Killing Luka just because he didn't check your pulse, despite him being Ilias follower and despite her wanting to coexist with humans). She does want coexistence, but she isn't even trying to bring it. She only want to eat more and more and more (Just like saber i mentioned). I didn't feel something bad in killing her, she deserved it. Worst type of character.
  • Granberia-Boring. That's all. Just useless and boring Blood Knight . I know better Blood knights, Wamuu from jojo for example. And she is hypocritical: Why does she say that soldiers, who run from her, can't be called mans or soldiers anymore? She was studying her techniques from birth and her master was Salamander (Who is 1000 year fighter herself). Humans, on opposite side, start studying their techniques in, maybe, 12 years. and their master was some veteran. And she is dragon,monster, which means she is superior them in terms of physical abilities.
  • Alma Elma-Cruel and lazy. I hate her, especially for eating humans and causing them trouble, even if they aren't heroes or hate monsters. If I were Luka, i would strangle her with her own guts.
  • Erubetie-Cruel and cold, but with reasons. The only knight i didn't hate by the end of chapter 3. I hate her for killing people who didn't pollute water sourses, though.
  • Tamamo-Favorite character till part 3-Most hated character (After Alice) after part 3. She was cool and cute in first parts. She didn't want to cause troubles for humans or killing them and in her Bad Ends she makes Luka her husband. But after that stupid test in the epilogue, i hated most of characters, especially her and Alice. This is stupid.
  • Sylph-Best spirit after Gnome. Somewhat annoying, but redeemable. At least, i didn't want to punch her in the face like Salamander or Undine
  • Gnome-Best spirit, both in character and in ability. She is the only reason why you should play the epilogue (Maybe with Valkyrie and Cupid). Her ability is good because you can unlock enemies movements without losing. Definetly best spirit.
  • Undine-Stupid, useless bitch who eats Luka in her cutscene. Her personality is twice as annoying as sylph's. And her ability is useless too. Definetly not a good girl
  • Salamander-Granberia divided by two. Less boring, but still. Her ability, though, is a good one, especially with daystar. 10/10, would daystar again.

Opinions on politics

Politics in this game is bad. Really bad. They are affected by emotions and can't think about best solution than: Kidnapping males from nearby village/Stealing king's daughter and turning her into a monster/Attacking every hero without even hearing what they are up to and so on.

I wouldn't even think about choosing any of them as rulers.

  • Queen Harpy-Egoistic. Would be better if Luka had an option to kill her right away (But this would be a normal novel then, with routes and flags and choices). Especially want to kill her after the epilogue where she gangrapes him without a doubt, even after he saved them twice. Even if i were a Harpy, i would flee from this type of politician.

Best Girls