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Chibi Tamamo and Yao

There isn't much to say about me. I'm more of an avid video gamer than anything else. I tend to be a lone wolf and do things on my own and I tend to avoid conversations but that is not to say I completely like to be isolated XD.

For the most part I am friendly although that isn't to say I can be intentionally an ass from time to time although for the most part I tend to do it when it concerns stuff that is common sense or mentioned multiple times. Seriously the lack of critical thinking annoys me at times but bah I am ranting in my introduction more than I am giving info on myself at this point...

Currently I am programming a nscript, for MGQ as a re-patch style mod much like NG+. MGQ : Sealed. On my spare time, for all intents and purposes consider it on hiatus.

My Future Plans

  1. My plans after finishing Sealed is working on a second (and probably my final) full patch mod based on Tamamo (I have it planned to set after Part 3 like a 1-2 years after the end of Part 3) where she assumes the role of Luka and Alice XVI where she goes off to fight rebellious monsters that do not want to coexist with humans. Although I am starting to have doubts as to whether I can write a good story on this. I will have to think about it more before claiming that I will do it since I am starting to think of scrapping the 2nd re-patch.
  2. Other than that side-mod I plan to create a tutorial page for those hoping to make full patch mods. I will try to make it as detailed as possible (and will probably need someone else to clean up the page since I am terrible at getting to the point and thus anyone that understands what is saying and can make it short and sweet without killing details will be appreciated then.To that effect I might create a third full patch mod but to serve as a tutorial much like one of the side-stories serves as a tutorial for side stories buuuuuut that will have to wait till I actually get to that point..... I will work on this after I finish Sealed.

My favorite pages

My Other Activities

  • Playing stuff on Steam
  • Modding and tinkering with all sorts of games (Xcom 2, Xenonauts, Hyperdimension, Battlefleet Gothic, etc. etc. etc.)
  • Modding to make a side-story (as a full-patch mod) called MGQ : Sealed taking place between Chapter 2 and Chapter 3

Progress on my "Projects"

Please note I am working on Sealed maybe 5-30 hours every few months. This is on the backburner but I will try to start working on this more often.

  1. MGQ Sealed
    1. Overall game completion (80%)
      • Chapter 7 -- The Harpy's Nest (99%) [story and battles written - bug testing left]
      • Chapter 8 -- Volcano of the First again (60%) [story written but 3 battles remain to be coded]
      • Chapter 9 -- Lamentations of the Unholy (30%) [story written no battles coded
      • Chapter 10 -- Exit Charge (15%) [overall story written* but still needs to be expanded upon, no battles coded]
    2. Party System (90%) --- Considering it done for Sealed will be polished and worked on in the 2nd re-patch.
  2. Making a Re-Patch page (90% done)
    • Corrections (? % )