I started to play Monster girl Quest because a friend told me about the game that I was going to love it, and he was right, played from the 1 to part 3 of the original saga and now playing Paradox around 100+ Hours after getting alot of jobs mastered and stuff from LoC and still triying to get better equip, will try higher floor when i have more equip pretty fun game I really love it, because I like JRPGS alot and this include hentai which is cool some of my favorite characters are  Alice XVI and Alma Elma, but still playing Part 1 of Paradox so not going to see her for a while.

Triying to do what is posible to improve the Wiki since it helped me alot I should help on what I have learned from the game  or what I know that is missed there.

Working on adding info to the wiki working at weakness resistance from monster part 1 and some places where some items are found

LoC Part1 Team   Had pretty good results with this one









LoC Part2 Team (WIP)

-Luka (bait mostly)

-Alma Elma  (used only for instakill, othervise supporter)


-Vitae(Main DPS)

-Alicetromeria debuff supp (stop,silence,slows, etc status debuff)


-Frill still making her to make dps for status mostly

-Shirohebi (decided to train because dance priority makes it pretty good)

-Mitsuko (Second Main DPS)

-Laura(aqua pentagom supporter)

-El ( sing priority supporter)

-Nanabi debuff Taoism, supporter

-Naho( pretty useless atm mostly for buff with song/dance) 

Thinking on changes not definitive, for now I will train these

trained and usable

very trained from part1 Sully, Hild, Mini 

not very trained Gnome, Saki, 

characters I like for train or medium trained prob will put more effort on them:

-Gelatinous cube girl(Marge)



-Naho (very good to train)

-Aria Lamia(very trained and usable)

-Arachne Miko(Maya) 

I still didnt beat the Superboss of Luka is really difficult..

My favorite pages

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