SlurredStaccato (better known on other websites and publications simply as "Slur") is a slothful, yet rather curious thinker who is one of the Four Heavenly Editors of the MGQ Wiki. Canadian by birth, SlurredStaccato is a student as well as a musician and avid gamer, currently working towards his degree. His highest motivator above all his boredom.

His interest in Monster Girl Quest came around at the beginning of 2012 when he got fed up with various roleplaying sites he frequented disappointing him. To his surprise, what he did not walk into was an H-game, but a well-written story and an adventure which, unlike most video games, made him actually care about the characters and their progression.

He is also the founder of the #MonsterGirlQuest IRC channel, which he formed on the day he joined the wiki in order to help establish the wiki as a community project. His other contributions include creating poorly made pages which he has others edit for him later (to which his excuse is either fatigue or school work getting in the way), as well as reminding people of various plot point details which are generally overlooked within the game.

SlurredStaccato has had a habit of "vandalizing" various wiki pages he creates himself in order to get other people to clean up the articles for him in order to meet format, or to clarify on information of which he is uncertain about. This comes in the form of personal opinion or the excessive use of personal pronouns.

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