After a couple anonymous contributions and comments, I decided to join the community proper. I look forward to working with all of you.


You want to know how I discovered this game? I recall hearing about it on Eka's Portal, maybe fiddling with the game. It was not until last week that I really got into it, when a friend of mine insisted that I try it out. It goes without saying that I enjoyed it. While other visual novels (this is my first) may put Monmusu Quest in the shade, one won't find any exactly like this.

...what's the real reason you like this game?~

Ah, that one. I don't see enjoyment of the story or the fetishy porn as being mutually exclusive. So, yes, I like both.

For the record...

I am a voraphile, so I don't feel the same sense of revulsion so many here have to it. So...

~She's a Killer Queen~


Oh, Alma. You tease, you tease~<3

It goes without saying, but that's one reason Alma Elma is my favorite knight. <3


Queen - 'Killer Queen'

~Guaranteed to blow your mind~



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