aka Kevin Hale

  • I live in Depends
  • I was born on February 4
  • My occupation is My job is being a glutton for torture
  • I am Male
Nobody Fucks With The Jesus

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Starting some Side Story Work

If you've made it here, congratulations, you are a master of finding irrelevant entities on the internet. I'm writing a Side Story, and I would love some general advice, if you do so happen to have it. I can't give any information out on the story, as no matter how bad my writing turns out to be, a writer never spoils his story. Just general code advice. That's all I need right now. I'll take critique on my writing once I release the Side Story into the depths of the internet, if I ever do.

About Me

Hi, I'm Kevin Hale. I'm usually more careful about my real name on the internet, but I'm stoned out of my fucking mind right now, so I don't give one single fuck. I'm 19 years old, graduated from high school, and living on my own. My hobbies are video games, reading, bong hits, and writing. I'm bad at writing, the rest I excel at (often simultaneously). My workplace is confidential, it's top secret, it's a matter of national fucking security, nah it's Pizza Hut. Despite the drug use, I'm actually an intelligent guy, no really, believe me. I'm above average, not a genius by any means, but not average either. Well, that's about all about me.

How I got here

Oh dear is that a fucking story. It all started one day on YouTube, a 16 year old boy desperate to see some titties had a cell phone with 3G capabilities, but his parents had used the dreaded parental controls to lock up Google on his phone. Thanks to YouTube's looseness on their nudity policy, the boy found Porn Patrol, which led him to believe that this was nothing more than a porn game. The boy didn't get the chance to play the game until he moved out of his parents house on January 1,2016. The very first thing he did was download the game. He didn't even unpack anything, except his laptop and charger, of course. After playing the game, hoping for some sort of laughter, he found himself enjoying the story. He thought the game would be a joke, I mean, it was an H-game, for fuck's sake.

Oh For Fuck Sake

Oh For Fuck Sake

After playing the whole game, he found himself on the verge of tears, but could not contain himself from laughing.

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