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The Underground Library is a location in Monster Girl Quest. It is the library of San Ilia Castle.


The library contains countless books, including the "Four Animists and their Sources", the only book with information about the Four Spirits.


Prior to the start of the game, Alice sent three of her subordinates—Page 17, Page 257 and Page 65537—to secretly guard the Four Animists book.

The library is later visited by Alice in person, who brings along Luka since she wants him to gain the power of the spirits. When Luka opens the book, Page 17 pops out and reveals that the Monster Lord has forbidden anyone from reading it, though Alice feigns ignorance. Luka defeats Page 17, and then Page 257 when she emerges. However, he struggles with the more powerful Page 65537, who is immune to sealing. During these events, Alice is cooking potatoes and she accidentally starts a fire, sealing Page 65537 (due to her weakness to fire). The guards notice the fire and rush in. Luka can tell them the truth of what happened, lie that Granberia was responsible, or play dumb. In all three cases, the guards try to put out the fire while Luka and Alice leave the library, the latter sneaking the book out with her.

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