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Twin Fairies
Twin Fairies.png
Elf Fairies →
Level: 19
HP (Normal): 700
Experience: 1000
Skills: Succubus Flower, Cling, Twin Wing Tickle, Twin Fairy Pranks, Twin Fairy Hug, Twin Fairy Dance
Area: Forest of Spirits
Appears in: Chapter 1
Artist: Delphinus

Twin Fairies are fairy twins residing in the Forest of Spirits, first encountered in Chapter 1 of Monster Girl Quest. Like other fairies, they are playful and mischievous, working as a duo to trick and tease humans or elves.


Chapter 1

The Twin Fairies appear after Luka defeats and seals the Elf. The fairies then trick the Elf into taking a step forward, causing her to fall into a dug-up hole. They then turn towards Luka to “play pranks” on him, but he seals them into butterflies in an act of self-defense. The still sealed Elf then climbs up the hole and angrily chases the sealed Fairies.

Chapter 3

The same Elf, now unsealed, accidentally falls into a larger hole, and the two same Twin Fairies, also unsealed, attempt to bury her alive while accidentally mistaking her for an angel. The Fairies shortly realize that it is the Elf, and once again chase is given.

Monsterpedia Entry

“Fairies generally live and play in groups. If a man is caught by a group of fairies, they will work together to play with him. Very eager for interesting things to play with, it’s said that if a man is captured by multiple fairies, he will be forced to remain their plaything for a long time. Once made into a toy, the fairies will care for him like a pet. Even though they aren’t hostile towards men, their innocence and desire to play is just as dangerous.”


Succubus Flower: Normal attack that damages two times.

Twin Wing Tickle: Normal attack that damages two times.

*Cling: Triggers bind status.

Twin Fairy Pranks: Binded attack that damages two times.

Twin Fairy Hug: Binded attack that damages two times.

Twin Fairy Dance: Binded attack that damages two times.

*Non-requestable technique

Battle Overview

Since they’re fairies, their avoidance is annoyingly high. To ensure you hit, use offensive techniques. Use normal attacks to build SP and use Meditation if needed, and of course Struggle if bound.

If Luka loses, the two cling onto his penis and toy with it. Afterwards, he’ll be played with for the rest of his life.


“Made into the fairies' toy... What a pathetic Hero! Even though they're weak, facing two of them can be troublesome. Since they're fairies, their avoidance is also annoyingly high. If you want to ensure you hit, you must use your skills. But you'll need to keep enough SP for recovery, so be careful. It's dangerous when they grab on to you, so peel them off at once! Now go, oh brave Luka. Eradicate those fairy pests with your sword of justice!”