トリニティ   (Toriniti)
Chimera Medullahan Chimera Bug →
Level: 94
HP (Normal): 17000
Experience: 200000
Skills: Blissful Masturbation, Proselytising Blowjob, Pleasurable Intercrural, Ascension Restraint, Ascending Tit Fuck
Area: Happiness Village
Appears in: Chapter 3
Artist: D AM

Trinity (トリニティ, Toriniti) is a group of angels in the 9th rank of the Hierarchy of Angels. They lead the assault force on Happiness Village in Chapter 3.

Monsterpedia Entry

“A special group of angels that belong to the lowest circle. Their battle abilities are similar to a normal angel when by themselves, but when together their power rivals that of Archangels. But offensive combat is not their primarily role. Their special duty is to brainwash and punish sinners.

Though their characters are kind and gentle, like other angels they show no mercy to sinners. Specialising in a technique called the Cross of Pleasure, they punish a sinner with pleasure as a group. No matter the sinner, they eventually drown in pleasure and end up devoting themselves fully to the angels and Goddess.

Lastly, two sets of Trinities currently exist, totaling six angels. The only angels allowed to join the Trinities are ones that have shown remarkable talent for brainwashing.”


Blissful Masturbation: Normal attack that damages three times. Will trigger hand bukkake on loss.

Proselytising Blowjob: Normal attack that damages three times. Will trigger facial bukkake on loss.

Pleasurable Intercrural: Normal attack that damages three times. Will trigger thigh and crotch bukkake on loss.

*Ascention Restraint: Binding attack. Does not damage.

Ascending Tit Fuck: Bound attack that damages once.

Battle Overview

This battle is much like the Angel Soldiers; Trinity is a trio of enemies that attack three times. In addition, they have a powerful Bind that requires three Struggles to break free from. As always, use Fallen Angel Dance and only use Alice’s Word of Dispel for Eye of Recovery.

If Luka loses, another set of Trinities arrive and restrain Luka’s body forming a cross-like shape. They then proceed to rape him with their “cross of pleasure”, giving him tit fucks on his hands, face, thighs and penis. This “punishment” continues for 30,000 years. If he loses to Ascending Tit Fuck, the attack continues into the H-Scene.


“Did the cross of pleasure feel good? I’m sure the gospel of your stupidity will be spread to the world. That’s what usually happens with those who ascend on the cross, right? Their combination plays are powerful, so Fallen Angel Dance is necessary. Their restraints technique is very powerful, but there’s no way around it but to Struggle. In addition, since your opponent is an angel, the Monster Lord’s attacks won’t do any good. Just use her ability for restoration. Lastly, there is an additional insult performed if you lose to their restraint combination… If you purposefully lose and pledge yourself to me that way, it would make me happy. Now go, oh brave Luka. To be perfectly honest, I don’t mind if the Harpy’s Village is destroyed.”


  • Trinity's name refers to the Trinity in the Roman Catholic Bible about three figures including Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit as one God.
  • There are 3 more Trinities that werent present during battle but only during their h-scenes
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