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Trick Fairy
Trick Fairy.png
Beelzebubs Queen Fairy →
Level: 49
HP (Normal): 5400
Experience: 40000
Skills: Trick Hand, Trick Chest, Trick Mouth, Soft Butt
Area: Fairy’s Island
Appears in: Chapter 2
Artist: Masha

Trick Fairy is a resident of Fairy’s Island. Like a normal fairy, she is mischievous and playful. Despite her small size, she willingly wants to have sex with a man, even her tiny vagina is able to clamp around a penis.

Monsterpedia Entry

“A powerful, high ranking fairy. However, like other fairies, she still retains her mischievous innocent nature.

Very curious about sex, she wants to try having sex with a human, despite her small size. Though her body is barely larger than a penis, her stretchy vagina is able to take and clamp down around a man. After shaking her body as hard as she can to make him come, the semen largely spills out of her due to her tiny body.

In addition, she’s very possessive, making the possibility of the man being kept very high. Though she appears innocent and friendly, do not underestimate this dangerous monster.”


Trick Hand: Normal attack.

Trick Chest: Normal attack.

Trick Mouth: Normal attack.

Soft Butt: Normal attack.

Battle Overview

Despite being more powerful than a normal fairy, she doesn’t have any special skills or binding moves. She’ll easily go down with Undine + Serene Demon Sword.

If Luka loses, she’ll have her way with him and perform vaginal intercourse despite her size. He’ll then be turned into her toy and she’ll keep playing with him for the rest of his life.


“A little Fairy's toy... Pathetic as ever, I see. I'm ashamed at myself for having become used to your pathetic behavior. The Trick Fairy doesn't have any special skills or binding moves. Due to that, you should use your SP on offensive skills. She's able to pierce through the defenses of some spirits, so Sylph and Gnome aren't that useful. Perhaps using Undine will be effective. Now go, oh brave Luka. Please stop disappointing me.”


  • Trick Fairy is the first fairy to have vaginal intercourse with Luka if he is defeated; all other fairies simply rub against him or make use of plants to get him off. Sylph also has vaginal intercourse with Luka in Chapter 3, however she uses a larger adult-like body rather than her tiny fairy form. This also makes her the smallest monster to do so.
  • Trick Fairy's lustful reaction to having vaginal intercourse implies that she is a virgin.