This article is primarily focused on chronological events that happened in the MGQ Trilogy VN and will contain spoilers for the game. This page was made as the main page to know historical events without having to search through the many pages that have past events. For the time being, this page will have a short brief text until it is expanded further. Anyone is welcome to contribute.
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Formation of Two Goddesses

The two goddesses, Goddess Ilias and Dark Goddess Alipheese Fateburn I, form from the light and darkness, respectively. Ilias began producing the angels, starting with the Seraphs.[1]

Discovery of an Inhabitable Planet

The two goddesses find a planet, Ilias influences the inhabitants that would eventually be humans and Alipheese creates the Six Ancestors and monsters.[1]

The Great Monster Wars

1000 years before the beginning of the story, due to jealousy, Goddess Ilias wages war against Dark Goddess Alipheese.[1]

First of Two Betrayals

500 years before the start of the plot, disgusted by Ilias' actions, Lucifina leaves Goddess Ilias. Eventually, 30 years before the start of the plot, Micaela leaves as well.[1]

Hero Heinrich and Black Alice

Hero Heinrich departs for his adventure to defeat the Monster Lord Alipheese Fateburn VIII.

Angel Massacre

Still 500 years before the beginning of the plot, after he found out about Ilias' plans, Heinrich revolts against Ilias and assaults Heaven, slaughtering many angels during the attack.[1]

Slaughter of Remina

30 years before the beginning of the story, Ilias's schemes are complete and she attacks Remina, a place where monsters and humans can coexist.[1]

Marcellus's Adventure

Marcellus, Lazarus, Merlin and Karen depart for their adventure to defeat the Monster Lord Alipheese Fateburn XV.[2]

The Creation of Ilias Kreuz

After the death of both Merlin and Karen at the hands of a young Alipheese Fateburn XVI, Marcellus and Lazarus gain a hatred for all monsters and create Ilias Kreuz to combat the monsters.[2]

Birth of an Unbaptized Hero

Marcellus meets Lucifina and the two fall in love, Lucifina convinces Marcellus to change his ways.[1] However, Lazarus attacks Marcellus for turning his back on Ilias Kreuz, using a lethal but easily dodgeable attack. He is unaware that Marcellus was blinded in his left eye by Alipheese XVI and kills Marcellus accidentally.[2]

The Plague

10 years before the plot[3], Ilias spread out a plague in Ilias Village, specifically on Lucifina, to force her to unseal her angel powers. Unfortunately, said woman decided to die as a human.

Luka's Adventure

The events of Part 1 and 2 of the VN happens here.[3][2]

The Fake Hero's Revolt

The events of Part 3 of the VN happens here.[1]

A New World

After the events of the MGQ Trilogy VN. Alipheese XVI is pregnant with two children, a boy and a girl.[1]

Then are the events of Monster Girl Quest: Paradox.


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