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Throne Eggiel
Throne Eggiel.jpg
座天使エグエル   (Zatenshi Egueru)
Slime Bess Salamander →
Level: 135
HP (Normal): 20000
Experience: 270000
Skills: Angel Hair, Angel Feathers, Angel Mouth, Meltick Bubble, Felty Bubble
Area: Undine’s Spring
Appears in: Chapter 3
Artist: Delphinus

Throne Eggiel (座天使エグエル, Zatenshi Egueru) is an angel in the 3rd rank of the Hierarchy of Angels, and is the only angel currently bearing the rank of Throne Luka encounters. Bearing a shape of a huge egg, she’s tasked to give birth to more angels by fertilising her eggs with human bodies. If a male is used, the angel may be born a futanari.


In Chapter 3, she assists Amphisbaena in her task of defeating Erubetie as well as preventing Luka from regaining Salamander in the Undine’s Spring. However, the angel is quickly made short work of, forcing Amphisbaena to retreat due to being outnumbered. For Eggiel’s failure, Seraph Eden is deemed incompetent by Promestein.

Monsterpedia Entry

“A Throne angel, belonging to the third circle of angels. Her mission is to use human bodies to fertilise her huge egg, to create more angels.

Like sperm, she uses a human’s entire body to fertilise one of her eggs. Men who are chosen to act as sperm for her egg are slowly taken inside, their last moments one of pure ecstasy as their genes are used for the creation of a new angel. Since the human used as fertiliser is generally female, pure female angels are overwhelmingly born. However if a human male is used as fertiliser, in theory it’s possible for a hermaphrodite angel to be born.”


Angel Hair: Normal attack.

Angel Feathers: Normal attack.

Angel Mouth: Normal attack.

*Angel’s Egg: Triggers Bind status and deals damage.

Meltick Bubble: Bound attack that damages twice.

Felty Bubble: Bound attack and triggers Trance status.

*Non-requestable technique

Battle Overview

Although an angel, Gnome is more preferable than Sylph here due to her problematic Angel’s Egg Bind, during which she can apply Felty Bubble and put Luka into a Trance. That is all the worries in this battle, and the rest is straightforward: Daystar, Meditation, Attack, and/or Alice’s Eye of Recovery.

When defeated, Luka is absorbed into the egg yolk, fertilising it, and becomes part of a new angel. If Luka loses due to Felty Bubble an extended ending is seen.


“Sheesh… Losing to that egg thing? Did you want to experience being an egg yolk that badly? Since she’s an angel, Fallen Angel Dance is effective… But due to her powerful Bind, Gnome may be the better choice. She can use an ecstasy inducing effect during her Bind, so make sure to use Gnome to escape as quick as possible. In addition, don’t lose to a specific move… Or you’ll be stuck in a hell of bubbles. Now go, oh brave Luka. Turn her into a fried egg.”