Themis Trap
Trap Themis
Black Alice Gargoyle Girl →
Level: 45
HP (Normal): 10000
Experience: 270000
Skills: Themis's Rose
Area: Navel of the World
Appears in: Chapter 3
Artist: frfr

The Themis Trap is an angel statue found in the Navel of the World. Its duty is to prevent any intruder from approaching further, supposedly the gate of heaven.

Monsterpedia Entry

"A trap stone statue placed near the "Navel of the World". She spews aphrodisiac gas to disturb the mind of any human that approaches. When the man, overcome by lust, sticks himself into her genitals, a petrifying chemical is released that turns him to stone. There are currently around three hundred statues, half of them with men already attached.

The angels placed these statues around to forbid access to anyone trying to reach the Gate. But most of the men stuck were simple unknowing travelers."


*Themis's Rose: Triggers Trance status and forces surrender.

*Non-requestable technique

Battle Overview

This battle is a rather odd fight, as her only attack is Themis's Rose which instantly causes Luka to lose. Sylph prevents that from happening, but she can easily be destroyed in just two turns with Daystar and Heavenly Demon Revival.

If Luka succumbs to her gas, he lustfully has vaginal intercourse with the statue and, after an orgasm, it petrifies him.


"Who would lay such a horrible trap!? ...Ah, I would. Well, you see. I would be greatly troubled to have humans wandering around carelessly near the Gate... But those that were captured are quite pathetic, wouldn't you agree? If you don't summon Sylph right away, you will be tempted by the gas. Just defeat her after that. As long as you have Sylph, you can't lose. Now go, oh brave Luka. Please don't break all of my statues..."

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