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Tarsa is a succubus added in the Collaboration Scenario. She comes from ROBF4SU with Novissa, Mysteltainn, Ogretooth and Executioner


She first appears in chapter 3, as she wakes up on a beach near Lest in the Noah region. The two persons realize that they're in the same predicament as both have been sucked in by a black vortex. They then introduce themselves to each other, and decide to search for a human village. When Lest remarks her outfit is quite sexy, she teases him a little.

As they move through the cove, they get attacked by a Mermaid. After fighting her back, Lest says that they must stand on their guard, while Tarsa wonders if Novissa is close by. As they discuss slightly later, Lest realizes that he and Tarsa could be from two different worlds. As they reach the end of the beach, they notice a sign pointing to Grand Noah. The duo hopes that it will lead them to a large settlement. The duo hopes that it will lead them to a large settlement.

As soon as they enter the cave, they meet the White Rabbit who explains them the situation about the Seven Heroes, the Proof of Collaboration, and the "Queen of Dreams". Tarsa is surprised to have been brought in as she apparently isn't one of the Seven Heroes, but was accompanying Novissa so it still makes sense to her. They believe the White Rabbit, and continue on their route to a human settlement.

The duo comes across a pair of adventurers who offer them to take a break. They learn that the Grand Noah Queen offers a substantial reward to anybody who brings information about parallel world, but she's apparently gone slightly crazy. The next morning Lest notices that they're not her when they get up, Tarsa inform them that they left before dawn and that she has already eaten.

The party comes across a priest, who transforms their past experience into job. At the end of the cave, the party meets a Devil Fighter, sent by the alliance of the Queen of Dreams. The duo manages to dispatch her, and continue toward Grand Noah.

However, before they can reach the city of Grand Noah, the duo gets attacked by Bell and Lyla. The heroes manage to push the two monsters back, and successfully enter Grand Noah to be greeted by the queen. However, the latter tells them that they don't need heroes. The duo soon realizes that the queen has been brainwashed by Musette, but before they can do anything, Tarsa's succubus blood is awakened and she violates Lest unconscious.

She rejoins the team after being beaten by Lest and Novissa in chapter 7. Before they can celebrate, Musette steps in and engages the party into a fight. Even after being beaten, she still forces the summoning of the castle, trapping the party who gets surrounded by Nightmares. Tarsa feels responsible as she did most of the ritual, even if she was brainwashed by Musette. They are then saved by Lars, Rovissa and Daimyokai. They manage to clear the local nightmares in chapter 9, but end up being regularly chased by Executionner, Ogretooth and Mysteltainn. When they come across Nightmares raping magical beasts, and while the remainder of the party is disgusted, Tarsa wonders how fun it could be. She remains silent for most of the collab, and only occasionally expresses her guilt for her role in bringing the Château des Romances to this world.

When the party has beaten Est, she wonders if she'll be able to get back home, just like every other talking characters. Still, she remains determined to support the party as they need help.

In the post-collab, when the party runs through Myusca's challenges of "sex rooms", she's paired with Novissa but tells that she wouldn't mind doing it with everyone in her succubus form. The party eventually reaches the "karaoke handjob" challenge, she's shocked to see a clone of herself appears and apologizes after the heroes fail because of her sexual skills. Afterwards Novissa ends up pulling the short straw for the fourth challenge, even as Tarsa says she wouldn't mind taking everyone at the same time in her succubus form. However she gets a little carried away and almost sucks him dry.

World Interactions

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:

Human Form

Musette: “Everyone back in Comodo must be worried... Ah, do you need my help by any chance?”

Succubus Form

Tarsa: "I'm tired of sitting around here... Hey, take me somewhere nice!"

Grandeur Theatre


Playful Actions

1st Action:

2nd Action:

3rd Action:

4th Action:

5th Action:

Additional Skills


  • Sexy Dance - Dancing Skill Target: All Foes, Effect: Horny/Trance (75%)
  • Healing Dance - Dancing Skill (Physical 100% Dex), Target: Ally, Effect: HP Recovery
  • Offering Dance - Dancing Skill Target: All Allies, Effect: 100% HP Recovery/Revive
  • Scream - Dancing Skill Target: All Foes, Effect: Stun (75%), +2000 Speed
  • lvl 51: Fortune's Kiss - Dancing Skill Target: User, Effect: +75% Critical Rate, +50% Critical Damage, +2000 Speed (5 turns)
  • lvl 52: Please Don't Forget Me - Dancing Skill Target: All Foes, Effect: Agility Down 90%, Slow (75%), +2000 Speed
  • lvl 53: Dispel Dance - Dancing Skill Target: All Foes, Effect: Dispel
  • lvl 54: Humming - Dancing Skill Target: User, Effect: All Stats Up +50%, +20% Accuracy, +2000 Speed (5 turns)
  • lvl 56: Rainbow Waltz - Dancing Skill (Fire/Ice/Lightning/Wind/Earth/Water 680% Dex), Target: All Foes, Effect: +800 Speed
  • lvl 57: Service For You - Dancing Skill Target: User, Effect: +30% SP Regen, Holy Strike, +50% Holy Damage, +2000 Speed (10 turns)

When joining back with Novissa

  • Agility +10% - Job Ability
  • Agility +20% - Job Ability
  • Kiss of Ecstasy - Sexcraft Skill (Pleasure 480% Dex), Target: Foe, Effect: Trance (75%)
  • Hustle Dance - Dancing Skill (Physical 150% Dex), Target: All Allies, Effect: HP Recovery
  • Pleasure Dance - Dancing Skill (Pleasure 200% Dex), Target: 4 Random Foes, Effect: +800 Speed

Exclusive Equipment

Name Item type Stats Effects Location
Crescent Cider Fan Attack: 155

Defense: 80

Magic: 80

Willpower: 80

Agility: 170

Dexterity: 170

Critical Rate +50%

Critical Damage +75%

Scythe Property

Château des Romances
Devil's Hairband Hat Attack: 35

Defense: 55

Willpower: 55

Agility: 35

Dexterity: 55

Resist Holy 25%

Resist Magic 25%

Nullify Blind/Confusion/Sleep

Château des Romances
Lord of Death Card Accessory Agility +30%

Dexterity +30%

Random Status Strike 50%

Château des Romances