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Tamamo is one of the Four Heavenly Knights who swore loyalty to the Sixteenth Monster Lord when the latter rose to the throne. She's also one of the Six Ancestors.

While her personality in the original is quite playful, knowing the truth of the situation is taking an heavy duty on her. She's now split between following her duties to the current Monster Lord, and trying to protect this world.


Tamamo and Granberia first mentioned in the first camp by Alice. Tamamo is first seen in the Cave of Treasures in Part 1, but it turns out to be nothing but a fake, a recording essentially from the original timeline to trick Nanabi into guarding the bell. As soon as the ruse is pointed out, it is dispelled and the puppeteer, White Rabbit appears who explains this was so events follow the correct history.

Tamamo is properly met in Yamatai Village at the Kitsune Shrine, just like in the original trilogy. She's extremely sad for an unclear reason, saying cryptically that "it is madness" and that she "grew too attached to this world." Deciding that nothing can be done to help her, the hero's team move on.

She's later seen when Alma Elma decides to check on her before assisting Luka in infiltrating Grangold . The succubus tries to convince her to act, but the kitsune keeps telling her that she should stay out of this, as "there's no other way." However, she still decides to step in and save Lazarus and Merlin from a transformed Grangold King. She latter steps in the castle to help Luka's party as the hero's getting wrecked by her alternate self from the Monster World. She transforms into her true form and face her alter ego while Luka and his party gets attacked by Lilith. Both kitsune ancestors are evenly matched, but Tamamo is limited by the length of her transformation, which is reminded by her opponent who intends to finish her off once and for all.

However, before the time expires Nero and Neris step in and save her, with Nero calling her "master" as they start attacking the other ancestor. She manages to escape when the castle collapses, and is latter seen at the banquet, where she says that she used to be like the other version of her, but that she had softened a great deal with time. She still refuses to join Luka's party, saying she will instead focus on getting sure that her alternate self remain out of this world.

She's seen in one of the "Upcoming event" sequence, where she examines the Tartarus in Remina that leads to the Monster World, and see a huge rock that likely needed the work of several ancestors to develop. Yao spawns afterwards to announce troubles, and Tamamo correctly guesses that this is the result of the upcoming new war between tanukis and kitsunes. As the tanuki queen has been boosted by Black Alice, she tells her first lieutenant that they have to turn to Luka for help.


  • This version of Tamamo is the only Knight who doesn't fight Luka on any route so far. She keeps sulking until Alma Elma pulls her from her depression.
  • This version of Tamamo didn't help Luka defeat Yamata No Orochi due to her depression.