Tamamo from the Monster World.

Always reflects magic, and has 100% more Attack and Magic


One of the superbosses in the Labyrinth of Chaos. Only encountered as a 100th floor super boss.


  • 九星闇扇 - Certain Hit, 6 Random Enemies, Physical/Dark Attribute, Death 10%, 3 Turns Cooldown
  • 陰陽・傾世塵吼 - Certain Hit, All Enemies, Earth Attribute, 3 Turns Cooldown
  • Nine Tails Funeral Pyre - Certain Hit, All Enemies, Physical/Fire Attribute, Burn 10%, 3 Turns Cooldown
  • Moonlight Cannon - Certain Hit, All Enemies, No Attribute, 3 Turns Cooldown
  • Lord's Mystic Eyes - Certain Hit, All Enemies, Dark Attribute, Poison/Blind/Silence 50%, Confusion/Sleep/Paralysis/Death 25%, 3 Turns Cooldown
  • Disruptive Wave - Certain Hit, All Enemies, Dispel, 5 Turns Cooldown


Tamamo no Mae behaves the same as her hopeless battle in the main story does, except this time you need to win. Be warned that be now reflects ALL magic attacks back, so you can not use Taoist Skills to weaken her. Compared to other super bosses, Tamamo no Mae is simple, she only has one attack that hits more than once, with the rest being pure damage except Lord's Mystic Eyes, which can be mana drained away. She doesn't do any fancy attacks, and if your team absorbs earth, that's another move that can be safely ignored. Since all of her moves have cooldowns, you can take a guess on what move she will use next, gambling on right after her 6 hit random attack is used, to build up a strong combo to OHKO her.

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