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Synthesize is a mechanic in Monster Girl Quest! Paradox RPG. By paying a blacksmith some gold, they will combine a weapon or armor with materials to form a new item with better stats and possibly new abilities.

This page is just for showing the upgrades path and locations and material used. For the weapons and armor's stats see the corresponding pages.

Iliasville Mountains

Created Used
Fish Boomerang Boomerang, Fish, 17G


Created Used
Cypress Stick+ Cypress Stick, Slimy Mucus, 12G
Fish Boomerang Boomerang, Fish, 17G


Created Used
Dagger+ Dagger, Magic Leaf, 12G
Cypress Stick+ Cypress Stick, Slimy Mucus, 12G
Rapier+ Rapier, Magic Leaf, 15G
Cestus+ Cestus, Beast Claw, 18G
Club+ Club, Slimy Mucus, 15G
Imp Rod Old Wooden Rod, Imp Tail, 18G
Imp Whip Thorn Whip, Imp Tail, 18G
Fish Boomerang+ Fish Boomerang, Soft Jelly, 20G
Bronze Shield+ Bronze Shield, Slimy Mucus, 14G


Created Used
Cypress Sword Cypress Stick+, Sticky Slime, 19G
Spear+ Spear, Beast Claw, 18G
Imp Sickle Sickle, Imp Tail, 15G
Bronze Armor+ Bronze Armor, Sticky Slime, 16G
Adventurer's Hat+ Adventurer's Hat, Sticky Slime, 8G
Wood Shield+ Wood Shield, Sticky Slime, 10G

Happiness Village

Created Used
Iron Sword+ Iron Sword, Sharp Stinger, 35G
Custom Sword+ Custom Sword, Sharp Stinger, 38G
Iron Rapier+ Iron Rapier, Sharp Stinger, 35G
Wind Claws Iron Claws, Wind Stone, 35G
Iron Fang+ Iron Fang, Sharp Stinger, 28G
Iron Hammer+ Iron Hammer, Sharp Stinger, 45G
Razor Wind Sickle Iron Sickle, Wind Stone, 45G
Wind Cane Wizard Staff, Wind Stone, 55G
Wind Rod Iron Rod, Wind Stone, 48G
Wind Bow Iron Bow, Wind Stone, 45G
Wind Harp Iron Harp, Wind Stone, 35G
Iron Flail+ Iron Flail, Sharp Stinger, 60G
Gorgeous White Feather Fan White Feather Fan, Beautiful Feather, 65G
Feathery Hand Succubus Hand, Beautiful Feather, 88G
Harpy Breastplate Iron Breastplate, Beautiful Feather, 35G
Harpy Robe Silk Robe, Beautiful Feather, 25G
Gorgeous Feather Hat Feather Hat, Beautiful Feather, 30G
Gale Circlet Iron Circlet, Wind Stone, 22G
Wind Shield Iron Shield, Wind Stone, 28G


Created Used
Iron Sword++ Iron Sword+, Fragment of Chaos, 75G
Element Custom Custom Sword+, Fire Stone, Ice Stone, Thunder Stone, 85G
Fire Claws Golden Claws, Fire Stone, 72G
Ice Claws Golden Claws, Ice Stone, 72G
Lightning Claws Golden Claws, Thunder Stone, 72G
Rumbling Axe Golden Axe, Fragment of Chaos, 118G
Therapeutic Hammer Golden Hammer, Mysterious Acorn, 105G
Lightning Staff Golden Staff, Thunder Stone, 88G
Fire Rod Golden Rod, Fire Stone, 85G
Ice Rod Golden Rod, Ice Stone, 85G
Thunder Rod Golden Rod, Thunder Stone, 85G
Healing Rod Golden Rod, Mysterious Acorn, 95G
Fire Bow Golden Bow, Fire Stone, 88G
Ice Bow Golden Bow, Ice Stone, 88G
Lightning Bow Golden Bow, Thunder Stone, 88G
Elven Harp Golden Harp, Stone of Solidified Tears, 104G
Custom Fish Boomerang Fish Boomerang+, Mysterious Acorn, 95G
Fairy Abacus Golden Abacus, Mysterious Acorn, 128G
Musket Mk II Musket, Fragment of Chaos, 150G
Elven Breastplate Golden Breastplate, Stone of Solidified Tears, 87G
Healing Robe Silk Robe, Mysterious Acorn, 50G
Hades Circlet Golden Circlet, Stone of Chaos, 60G
Tranquil Tiara Beautiful Tiara, Stone of Solidified Tears, 68G
Flame Shield Golden Shield, Fire Stone, 58G
Frost Shield Golden Shield, Ice Stone, 58G


Created Used
Baptized Knife+ Baptized Knife, Strong Hoof, 75G
Dark Cypress Sword Cypress Sword, Dark stone, 80G
Golden Sword+ Golden Sword, Strong Hoof, 110G
Earth Rapier Golden Rapier, Earth Stone, 92G
Dark Trident Trident, Dark Stone, 140G
Earth Knuckles Golden Claws, Earth Stone, 77G
Dark Phantom Golden Fang, Dark Stone, 102G
Earth Hammer Golden Gammer, Earth Stone, 115G
Dark Staff Golden Staff, Dark Stone, 96G
Killer Bow+ Killer Bow, Spider Silk, 118G
Earth Harp Golden Harp, Earth Stone, 134G
Coral Boomerang Golden Boomerang, Beautiful Coral, 104G
Earth Flail Golden Flail, Earth Stone, 150G
Dark Stoker Golden Scalpel, Dark Stone, 104G
Black Cards Golden Cards, Dark Stone, 140G
Ninja Gear+ Ninja Gear, Spider Silk, 110G
Coral Armor Steel Armor, Beautiful Coral, 88G
Earth Shell Golden Shell, Earth Stone, 82G
Amber Robe Black Robe, Earth Stone, 430G
Coral Helm Iron Helm, Beautiful Coral, 60G
Earth Circlet Golden Circlet, Earth Stone, 80G
Coral Shield Iron Shield, Beautiful Coral, 48G
Golden Shield+ Golden Shield, Stong Hoof, 65G

Port Natalia

Created Used
Tempting Masher Mage Masher, Succubus Tail, 120G
Lecherously Tempting Blade Tempting Blade, Succubus Tail, 160G
Lamia Rapier Earth Rapier, Lamia Tail, 120G
Heavy Lance+ Heavy Lance, Strong Hoof, 150G
Aqua Knuckles Golden Claws, Water Stone, 77G
Aqua Axe Golden Axe, Water Stone, 148G
Aqua Hammer Golden Hammer, Water Stone, 125G
Ripple Staff Golden Staff, Water Stone, 128G
Beast Lover Beast Killer, Succubus Tail, 150G
Water Harp Golden Harp, Water Stone, 164G
Fish Boomerang: Nature Custom Fish Boomerang, Wind Stone,

Earth Stone, Water Stone, 180G

Ripple Fan Golden Fan, Water Stone, 99G
Three Tailed Fan Golden Fan, Fluffy Tail, 139G
Lamia Kitchen Knife Golden Kitchen Knife, Lamia Tail, 150G
Kitsune Plate Golden Plate, Fluffy Tail, 107G
Code of Bishop+ Code of Bishop, Sturdy Shell, 120G
Enrikan Shirt+ Enrikan Shirt, Spider Silk, 70G
Aqua Breastplate Golden Breastplate, Water Stone, 107G
Marine Armor Coral Armor, Sturdy Shell, 148G
Blue Robe Black robe, Water Stone, 430G
Fluffy Dress Party Dress, Fluffy Tail, 180G
Bikini Shells Risky Swimsuit, Sturdy Shell, 150G
Cowboy Hat+ Cowboy Hat, Spider Silk, 60G
Ocean Circlet Golden Circlet, Water Stone, 100G
Ocean Shield Coral Shield, Water Stone, 75G

San Ilia

Created Used
Holy Custom Element Custom, Holy Stone, 240G
Grade Sword+ Grade Sword, Demon Beast Claw, 250G
Mysterious Rapier Golden Rapier, Holy Stone, 150G
Holy Trident Trident, Holy Stone, 200G
Partisan+ Partisan, Demon Beast Claw, 250G
Kaiser Knuckles+ Kaiser Knuckles, Demon Beast Claw, 170G
Holy Phantom Dark Phantom, Holy Stone, 142G
Crimson Radiance Crimson Axe, Holy Stone, 240G
Dark Cypress Club Dark Cypress Rod++, Cell Culture, 220G
Rehabilitative Hammer Therapeutic Hammer, Holy Stone, 220G
Death Scythe+ Death Scythe, Cell Culture, 200G
Alluring Bow Elven Bow, Succubus Tail, 200G
Tentacle Whip Golden Whip, Shady Tentacle
Harpy of Blessings Golden Harp, Holy Stone, 184G
Fish Boomerang: Nature+ Fish Boomerang: Nature, Slimy Jelly, 270G
Machina Boomerang Bladerang, Delicate Gear, 250G
Earth Flail+ Earth Flail, Cell Culture, 200G
Succubus Fan Golden Fan, Succubus Tail, 210G
Machina Abacus Golden Abacus, Delicate Gear, 170G
White Cards Golden Cards, Holy Stone, 160G
Alluring Plate Golden Plate, Succubus Tail, 200G
Magic Dictionary+ Magic Dictionary, Valuable Parchment, 220G
Musket Mk III Musket Mk II, Delicate Gear, 340G
Tentacle Hand Succubus Hand, Shady Tentacle, 250G
Blessed Breastplate Aqua Breastplate, Holy Stone, 137G
Deep Sea Armor Marine Armor, Shady Tentacle, 208G
Holy Knight Armor+ Holy Knight Armor, Holy Stone, 290G
Silver-White Robe White Robe, Holy Stone, 350G
Impish Bunny Suit Bunny Suit, Succubus Tail, 190G
Holy Coral Helm Coral Helm, Holy Stone, 110G
Iron Mask+ Iron Mask, Demon Beast Claw, 180G
Holy Tiara Golden Tiara, Holy Stone, 250G
Sacred Shield+ Sacred Shield, Valuable Parchment, 150G

Monte Carlo

Created Used
Main Gauche: Air Main Gauche, Green Wind Stone, 185G
Mithril Sword : Air Mithril Sword, Green Wind Stone, 250G
Ox Defender Defender, Bull Horn, 480G
Reaping Rapier Mithril Rapier, Zombie Powder, 310G
Mithril Spear+ Mithril Spear, Bull Horn, 280G
Demon Lance+ Demon Lance, Ghost Hair, 350G
Ox Knuckles Mithril Claws, Bull Horn, 250G
Reaper Fang Mithril Fang, Zombie Power, 250G
Minotaur Axe Crimson Radiance, Bull Horn, 480G
Dark Cypress Club: Air Dark Cypress Club, Green Wind Stone, 320G
Dead Man's Sickle Death Scythe+, Zombie Powder, 450G
Cursed Staff Mithril Staff, Ghost Hair, 280G
Ox Rod Strike Rod, Bull Horn, 340G
Gale Bow+ Gale Bow, Fairy Acorn, 400G
Miraculous Harp Harpy of Blessings, Fairy Acorn, 330G
Beast Harp Mithril Harpy, Bull Horn, 330G
Fish Boomerang: Nature++ Fish Boomerang: Nature+, Fairy Acorn, 430G
Raging Bull Flail Mithril Flail, Bull Horn, 400G
Corpse Kitchen Knife Mithril Kitchen Knife, Ghost Hair, 330G
Zombie Cards Mithril Cards, Zombie Powder, 410G
Magic Dictionary x Curse Magic Dictionary+, Ghost Hair, 330G
Garland x Wind Garland, Green Wind Stone, 510G
Enrikan Shirt++ Enrikan Shirt+, Jewel of Solidified Tears, 330G
Tearjewel Breastplate Mithril Breastplate, Jewel of Solidified Tears, 310G
Tearjewel Mail Mithril Armor, Jewel of Solidified Tears, 380G
Forest Guard+ Forest Guard, Jewel of Solidified Tears, 380G
Green Robe Black Robe, Green Wind Stone, 430G
Platinum Robe Silver-White Robe, Fairy Acorn, 450G
Haunted Royal Hat Royal Hat, Ghost Hair, 130G
Ox Helm Mithril Helm, Bull Horn, 290G
Mithril Circlet: Air Mithril Circlet, Green Wind Stone, 180G
Mithril Shield: Air Mithril Shield, Green Wind Stone, 190G
Dark Shield+ Dark Shield, Ghost Hair, 300G


Created Used
Misericorde: Spike Misericorde, Cactus Thorn, 420G
Holy Custom+ Holy Custom, Chaos Crystal, 500G
Dragon Killer+ Dragon Killer, Dragon Scale, 700G
Lamia Rapier X Lamia Rapier, Charming Snake Tail, 400G
Divine Halberd+ Divine Halberd, Sharp Fangs, 550G
Dark Claws x Burst Dark Claws, Magic Crystal, 550G
Cross Reaper Fang Reaper Fang, Sharp Fangs, 300G
Chaotic Axe Devil Axe, Chaos Crystal, 730G
Cactus Hammer Mithril Hammer, Cactus Thorn, 450G
Chaotic Hammer Devil Hammer, Chaos Crystal, 520G
Rune Staff: Burst Rune Staff, Magic Crystal, 500G
Angel Rod: Burst Angel Rod, Magic Crystal, 680G
Tentacle Whip X Tentacle Whip, Scylla Tentacle, 600G
Lamia Harp Mithril Harp, Charming Snake Tail, 450G
Scylla Harp Mithril Harp, Scylla Tentacle, 450G
Dragon Flame Boomerang Flame Boomerang, Dragon Scale, 460G
One Flail Raging Bull Flail, Goblin Horn, 500G
Mithril Fan+ Mithril Fan, Mysterious Feather, 370G
Surgeon Blade a Surgeon Blade, Sharp Fangs, 380G
Scylla Maid Plate Mithril Plate, Scylla Tentacle, 450G
Tiny Oni Breastplate Mithril Breastplate, Goblin Horn, 430G
Dragon Mail+ Dragon Mail, Dragon Scale, 650G
Spiny Shell Mithril Shell, Cactus Thorn, 310G
Lamia Dress Party Dress, Charming Snake Tail, 340G
Great Helm Ox Helm, Goblin Horn, 350G
Lamia Crown Holy Tiara, Charming Snake Tail, 500G
Feather Shield Lightweight Shield, Mysterious Feather, 100G
Dragon Shield+ Dragon Shield, Dragon Scale, 220G


Created Used
Zorlin Shape: Earth Zorlin Shape, Orange Earth Stone, 500G
Rune Blade: Earth Rune Blade, Orange Earth Stone, 730G
Claymore: Earth Claymore, Orange Earth Stone, 1100G
Mithril Spear: Earth Mithril Spear+, Orange Earth Stone, 330G
Divine Halberd: Raging Fang Divine Halberd+, Orange Earth Stone, 720G
Rune Axe: Earth Rune Axe, Orange Earth Stone, 600G
Rune Staff: Dogma Rune Staff x Burst, Dogmatic Cell Culture, 600G
Dogma Killer Aevis Killer, Dogmatic Cell Culture, 500G
Machina Boomerang DX Machina Boomerang, Logical Gear, 650G
Makina Abacus+ Machina Abacus, Logical Gear, 220G
Surgeon Blade B Suregon Blade a, Dogmatic Cell Culture, 550G
Magic Dictionary x Gaia Magic Dictionary x Curse, Orange Earth Stone, 440G
Musket Mk IV Musket Mk III, Logical Gear, 730G
Creature Hole Tentacle Hand, Dogmatic Cell Culture, 550G
Mithril Armor: Earth Mithril Armor, Orange Earth Stone, 400G
Dogma Robe Black Robe, Dogmatic Cell Culture, 570G
Earth General General Helm, Orange Earth Stone, 390G
Mithril Circlet: Earth Mithril Circlet, Orange Earth Stone, 220G
Mithril Shield: Earth Mithril Shield, Orange Earth Stone, 220G

Navy Headquarters

Created Used
Zorlin Shape: Aqua Zorlin Shape, Blue Water Stone, 280G
Rune Blade: Aqua Rune Blade, Blue Water Stone, 420G
Claymore: Aqua Claymore, Blue Water Stone, 800G
Mithril Spear: Aqua Mithril Spear+, Blue Water Stone, 250G
Aqua Fang Crystal Fang, Blue Water Stone, 300G
Dark Cypress Club: Air+ Dark Cypress Club: Wind, Paper Doll, 500G
Tentacle Whip++ Tentacle Whip+, Coiling Tentacle, 300G
Fish Tentarang: Nature Fish Boomerang: Nature++, Coiling Tentacle,480G
Crystal Flail: Aqua Crystal Flail, Blue Water Stone, 430G
Taoist Kitchen Knife Crystal Kitchen Knife, Paper Doll, 320G
Taoist Cards Crystal Cards, Paper Doll, 320G
Book of Spirits 2nd Ed. Book of Spirits, Paper Doll, 300G
Mermaid Breastplate Crystal Breastplate, Mermaid Scale, 250G
Mithril Armor: Aqua Mithril Armor, Blue Water Stone, 200G
Crystal Armor+ Crystal Armor, Insect Shell, 230G
Mermaid Robe White Robe, Mermaid Scale, 290G
Crystal Helm+ Crystal Helm, Insect Shell, 180G
Mermaid Circlet Crystal Circlet, Mermaid Scale, 160G
Mermaid Crown Hypno Crown, Mermaid Scale, 250G
Mithril Shield: Aqua Mithril Shield, Blue Water Stone, 120G
Crystal Shield+ Crystal Shield, Insect Shell, 200G

Grand Noah

Created Used
Magical Blade Rune Blade, Magical Scales, 550G
Lightning Sword:Flash Lightning Sword, Yellow Thunder Stone, 550G
Floral Rapier Crystal Rapier, Alraune Flower, 290G
Magical Claws Crystal Claws, Magical Scales, 320G
Bastet Claws Beast Claws, Cat Whiskers, 390G
Magical Fang Crystal Fang, Magical Scales, 280G
Thunder Quake Hammer Gaia Hammer, Yellow Thunder Stone, 780G
Magical Scythe Big Scythe, Magical Scales, 370G
Great Miracle Staff Miracle Staff, Magical Extract, 550G
Holy Rod+ Holy Rod, Magical Extract, 560G
Floral Bow Crystal Bow, Alraune Flower, 320G
Nekomata Harpy Beast Harpy, Cat Whiskers, 410G
Thunder Hawkeye Hawkeye, Yellow Thunder Stone, 510G
Crystal Flail: Thunder Crystal Flail, Yellow Thunder Stone, 430G
Six-tailed Fan Three-Tailed Fan, Soft Tail, 420G
Magical Abacus+ Magical Abacus, Magical Extract, 240G
Magical Scalpel Crystal Scalpel, Magical Extract, 400G
Tri Flower Plate Alluring Plate, Alraune Flower, 350G
Magical Musket Musket Mk IV, Magical Extract, 2000G
Pleasure Flower Creature Hole, Alraune Flower, 440G
Enrikan Shirt+++ Enrikan Shirt++, Soft Tail, 180G
Magical Shell Crystal Shell, Magical Scales, 220G
Floral Dress White Dress, Alraune Flower, 50G
Crimson Cat's Hat Crimson Cap, Cat Whiskers, 180G
Kitsune Circlet Crystal Circlet, Soft Tail, 180G

Yamatai Village

Created Used
Blizzard Sword:Hail Blizzard Sword, Blue Ice Stone, 580G
Zanbato:Thunder Zanbato, Yellow Thunder Stone, 1350G
Fuujin & Raijin Spear Wind Spear, Yellow Thunder Stone, 650G
Blizzard Scale Spear Dragon Scale Spear, Blue Ice Stone, 590G
Ice Dragon Claws Dragon Scale Claws, Blue Ice Stone, 490G
Giant Axe: Ice Giant Axe, Blue Ice Stone, 620G
Dark Club: Burst Dark Cypress Club: Wind+, Oni Hair, 650G
Taoist Scythe Dragon Scale Scythe, Oni Hair, 550G
Demon Slaying Bow Dragon Scale Bow, Oni Hair, 490G
Snake Whip Tentacle Whip++, Devilish Snake tail, 580G
Taoist Harp Dragon Scale Harp, Oni Hair, 520G
Ayakashi Snake Fan Dragon Scale Fan, Devilish Snake tail, 550G
Kappa Plate Dragon Scale Plate, Kappa Plate, 550G
Snake Palm Pleasure Flower, Devilish Snake tail, 540G
Kappa Shell Dragon Scale Shell, Kappa Plate, 380G
Kappa Shield Mithril Shield, Kappa Plate, 150G

Plansect Village

Created Used
Chemical Main Main Gauche, Poisonous Stinger, 480G
Justice Custom Holy Custom+, White Holy Stone, 900G
Chemical Rapier Death Rapier, Poisonous Stinger, 480G
Holy Wyvern Spear Wyvern Spear, White Holy Stone, 650G
Ox Lord Ox Knuckles, Bull Hoof, 520G
Heavy Minotaur Axe Minotaur Axe, Bull Hoof, 770G
Taoist Exorcist Scythe Taoist Scythe, White Holy Stone, 570G
Super Miracle Staff Great Miracle Staff, Strange Leaf, 680G
Minotaur Rod Ox Rod, Bull Hoof, 630G
Holy Rod:Double Holy Rod+, White Holy stone, 880G
Yoichi Bow:Platinum Yoichi Bow, White Holy Stone, 720G
Poison Fish Tentarang Fist Tentarang:Nature, Poisonous Stinger, 780G
Kishin Flail Oni Flail, Oni Horn, 850G
Kishin Kitchen Knife Oni Kitchen Knife, Oni Horn, 750G
Surgeon Blade γ Surgeon Blade β, Poisonous Stinger, 640G
Vonyich Sector Vonyich Manuscript, Insect Wing, 550G
Angel Steyr Steyr, White Holy Stone, 2500G
Enrikan Shirt++++ Enrikan Shirt+++, Strange Leaf, 280G
Oni Breastplate Tiny Oni Breastplate, Oni Horn, 450G
Chitinous Dragon Scale Armor Dragon Scale Armor, Insect Wing, 420G
Black Hood+ Black Hood, Strange Leaf, 350G
Oni Helm Samurai Helm, Oni Horn, 450G
Chitinous Dragon Scale Shield Dragon Scale Shield, Insect Wing, 410G


Created Used
Fractal Custom Justice Custom, Black Dark Stone, 1150G
Alondite Arc Alondite, Black Dark Stone, 920G
Medusa rapier Lamia Rapier+, Medusa Snake, 550G
Shadow Lance Holy Spear, Black Dark Stone, 780G
Necro Knuckles Dragon Scale Claws, Necrosis Powder, 550G
Medusa Fang Dragon Scale Fang, Medusa Fang, 700G
Shadow Axe Dragon Scale Axe, Black Dark Stone, 850G
Cocytus Scythe Dead Man's Scythe, Necrosis Powder, 590G
Dark Miracle Staff Super Miracle Staff, Black Dark Stone, 1200G
Yoichi Bow: Nirvana Yoichi Bow:Platinum, Black Dark Stone, 750G
Slime Harp Dragon Scale Harp, Goopy Jelly, 570G
Rising Sun:Makina Makina Boomerang DX, Rising Sun, Magical Gear, 870G
Medusa Flail Dragon Scale Flail, Medusa Snake, 1000G
Dark Fan Ayakashi Snake fan, Black Dark Stone, 630G
Black Marketeer Abacus Dragon Scale Abacus, Black Dark Stone, 450G
Tarots of the Dead Mysterious Taros, Necrosis Powder, 720G
Medusa Plate Harvest Plate, Medusa Snake, 810G
Miracle Musket Magical Musket, Magical Gear, 4200G
Gelatinous hand Snake Palm, Goopy Jelly, 600G
Magical Armor+ Magical Armor, Magical gear, 550G
Angelic Water Robe Feathered Water Robe, Goopy Jelly, 120G
Necro Circlet Dragon Scale Circlet, Necrosis Powder, 320G
Medusa Crown Hypno Crown, Medusa Snake, 300G


Created Used
Orichalcum Red Orichalcum Dagger, Red Fire Stone, 820G
Dragon Enhancer Enhancer, Dragon Fang, 920G
Dragon Bastard Bastard Sword, Dragon fang, 1700G
Holy Dragoon Holy Spear, Red Fire Stone, 1550G
Blazing Shadow Lance Shadow Lance, Red Fire Stone, 850G
Tanuki Katana:Fire Tanuki Katana, Red Fire Stone, 850G
Blazing Orichalcum Hammer Orichalcum Hammer, Red Fire Stone, 1300G
Crimson Scythe Magical Scythe, Red Fire Stone, 680G
Dragon Rod Minotaur Rod, Dragon Fang, 920G
Dragon Whip Snake Whip, Dragon Fang, 890G
Dragon Harp Dragon Scale Harp, Dragon Fang, 620G
Lemegeton:Flare Lemegeton, Red Fire Stone, 920G
Blaze Penalty Death Penalty, Red Fire Stone, 4400G
Medusa Hand Gelatinous Hand, Medusa Snake, 870G
Crimson Buddha Gi Buddha Gi, Red Fire Stone, 550G
Crimson Shell Kappa Shell, Red Fire Stone, 450G
Double Dragon Robe Dragon Robe, Dragon Fang, 550G
Crimson Hood Black Hood+, Red Fire Stone, 550G
Red Helm Great Helm, Red Fire Stone, 500G
Red Shield Great Shield, Red Fire Stone, 550G

Fairy's Island

Created Used
Tempting Gauche Main Gauche:Wind, Attractive Petal, 1070G
Fractal Night Custom Fractal Custom, Pitch Black Fragment, 1650G
Perseus' Shining Sword Perseus' Sword, Shining Feather, 1500G
Makina Bastard Dragon Bastard, Puppet Gear, 1900G
Plasma Rapier Prism Rapier, Sparkling Yellow Thunder Stone, 1560G
Longinus Plasma Longinus, Sparkling Yellow Thunder Stone, 2050G
Yami Fubuki:Aqua Yami Fubuki, Ocean Coral, 1300G
Iris Prism Prism Claws, Iris Cell Culture, 1700G
Night Fang Prism Fang: Earth, Pitch Black Fragment, 1800G
Minotaur Breaker Heavy Minotaur Axe, Large Horn, 1400G
Miracle Hammer Rehabilitative Hammer, Spirit Acorn, 1400G
Dark Club:Zero Dark Club:Burst, Large Horn, 1500G
Holy Taoist Scythe Taoist Exorcist Scythe, Large Horn, 1440G
Holy Sorcerer Holy Rod:Double, Spirit Acorn, 1200G
Prism Bow:Lust Prism Bow, Bewitching Tail, 1550G
Iris Killer Dogma Killer, Iris Cell Culture, 1800G
Gleipnir:Lust Gleipnir, Bewitching Tail, 1300G
Iris Harp Orichalcum Harp, Iris Cell Culture, 950G
Spirit Fish Tentarang Poison Fish Tentarang, Spirit Acorn, 1350G
Surge Fan Orichalcum Fan, Ocean Coral, 1200G
Suregon Blade:Iris Surgeon Blade γ, Iris Cell Culture, 1600G
Salome Flower Plate Salome Plate, Attractive Petal
Magical Girl's Musket Miracle Musket, Puppet Gear, 4600G
Drain Tail Medusa Hand, Attactive Petal, 1800G
Makina Hand Drain Tail, Puppet Gear, 2400G
Enrikan Beirun Enrikan Shirt++++, Shining Feather, 450G
Mysterious Breastplate Orichalcum Breastplate, Mysterious Scale, 770G
Machine God Armor Magical Armor+, Puppet Gear
Orichalcum Armor+ Orichalcum Armor, Insect Shell, 700G
Maximum Brave Brave Armor, Mysterious Scale, 920G
Mysterious Shell Orichalcum Shell, Mysterious Scale, 770G
Vampire Robe Black Robe, Pitch Black Fragment
Princess Tears Princess Dress, Magical Crystallized Tears, 350G
Magical Bustier Succubus Bustier, Attractive Petal, 350G
Great Pirate Helm Pirate Helm, Ocean Coral, 740G
Orichalcum Helm+ Orichalcum Helm, Insect Shell, 620G
Tiara of Tears Hypno Crown, magic Crystallized Tears, 400G
Shine Deflector Feather Shield, Shining Feather, 350G
Orichalcum Shield+ Orichalcum Shield, Insect Shield, 730G

Elf Blacksmith, Snake Shrine

Created Used
Prism Dagger:Aqua Prism Dagger, Rushing Blue Water Stone, 1020G
Prism Sword:WInd Prism Sword, Blustery Green Wind Stone, 1700G
Magna Bastard Makina Bastard, Rumbling Orange Earth Stone, 2100G
Gale Rapier Prism Rapier, Blustery Green Wind Stone
Trinity Sword Magic Sword, Blustery Green Wind Stone, Rumbling Orange Earth Stone, Rushing Blue Water Stone, 990G
Earth Dragoon Holy Dragoon, Rumbling Orange Earth Stone, 2200G
Prism Lance:Wind Prism Lance, Blustery Green Wind Stone, 1950G
Prism Claws:Aqua Prism Claws, Rushing Blue Water Stone, 1800G
Prism Fang:Earth Prism Fang, Rumbling Orange Earth Stone, 1500G
Grand Prism Prism Axe, Rumbling Orange Earth Stone, 1830G
Elemental Scythe Prism Scythe, Blustery Green Wind Stone, Rumbling Orange Earth Stone, Rushing Blue Water Stone, 1500G
Trinity Staff Prism Staff, Blustery Green Wind Stone, Rumbling Orange Earth Stone, Rushing Blue Water Stone, 1650G
Prism Rod:Aqua Prism Rod, Rushing Blue Water Stone, 1680G
Aqua Rainbow Prism Bow, Rushing Blue Water Stone, 1900G
Spirit Harp Prism Harp, Blustery Green Wind Stone, Rumbling Orange Earth Stone, Rushing Blue Water Stone, 1550G
Spirit Fan Prism Fan, Blustery Green Wind Stone, Rumbling Orange Earth Stone, Rushing Blue Water Stone, 1500G
Necronomicon:Element Necronomicon, Blustery Green Wind Stone, Rumbling Orange Earth Stone, Rushing Blue Water Stone, 1600G
Prism Breastplate:Magna Prism Breastplate, Rumbling Orange Earth Stone, 1200G
Prism Armor:Wind Prism Armor, Blustery Green Wind Stone
Elemental Robe Angel Robe, Blustery Green Wind Stone, Rumbling Orange Earth Stone, Rushing Blue Water Stone, 680G
Prism Helm Prism Helm, Rushing Blue Water Stone, 820G
Elemental Circlet Prism Circlet, Blustery Green Wind Stone, Rumbling Orange Earth Stone, Rushing Blue Water Stone, 580G
Prism Shield:Magna Prism Shield, Rumbling Orange Earth Stone, 900G

Remina (Alt)

Created Used
Assassin Rage Assassin Dagger, Mass of Chaos, 1450G
Prism Sword:Fire Prism Sword, Blazing Red Fire Stone, 1800G
Orichalcum Lord Orichalcum Sword, True Dragon Fang, 1650G
Dragon Hunter Chemical Rapier, True Dragon Fang, 1700G
Beast Spear Fuujin & Raijin Spear, Spirit Crystal, 2500G
Crimson Prism Prism Ninja Sword, Blazing Red Fire Stone, 1600G
Behemoth Claws Bastet Claws, Feral Beast Claw, 2500G
Magic Prism Axe Prism Axe, Spirit Crystal, 2100G
Gigant Breaker Prism Hammer, Feral Beast Claw, 1700G
Shine Scythe Elemental Scythe, Spirit Crystal, 1800G
Strike Dragon Dragon Rod, True Dragon Fang, 1800G
Flame Dragon Whip Dragon Whip, Blazing Red Fire Stone, 1900G
Crimson Harp Prism Harp, Blazing Red Fire Stone, 1800G
Blazing Boomerang Dragon Flame Boomerang, Blazing Red Fire Stone, 1600G
Beast God Flail Kishin Flail, Feral Beast Claw, 2500G
Crimson Kitchen Knife Prism Kitchen Knife, Blazing Red Fire Stone, 1600G
Flame Breastplate Prism Breastplate:Magna, Blazing Red Fire Stone, 1500G
Blazing Shell Crimson Shell, Blazing Red Fire Stone, 990G
Chaos Robe Vampire Robe, Mass of Chaos, 720G
Chaos Circlet Prism Circlet, Mass of Chaos, 670G

Snow Heaven

Created Used
Halo Night Custom Fractal Night Custom, Angel Feather, 2100G
Frost Lord Orichalcum Lord, Frigid Blue Ice Stone, 2000G
Frost Rapier Prism Rapier, Frigid Blue Ice Stone, 2200G
Brionac Heaven Brionac, Angel Feather, 2400G
Aurora Prism Prism Ninja Sword, Frigid Blue Ice Stone, 1650G
Idea Prism Iris Prism, Idea Cell Culture, 2000G
Absolute Zero Grand Prism Grand Prism, Frigid Blue Ice Stone, 2400G
Wish Stick Dark Club:Zero, Angel Feather, 1800G
Heaven's Trinity Trinity Staff, Angel Feather, 1800G
Grand Wizard Wizard rod, Blazing Red Fire Stone, Frigid Blue Ice Stone, Sparkling Yellow Thunder Stone, 2500G
Idea Killer Iris Killer, Idea Cell Culture, 2200G
Idea Harp Iris Harp, Idea Cell Culture, 1950G
Angel Fish Tentarang Spirit Fish Tentarang, Angel Feather, 1800G
Guardian Angel Abacus Justice Abacus, Angel Feather, 2400G
Surgeon Blade:Idea Surgeon Blade:Iris, Idea Cell Culture, 2500G
Necronomicon:Trinity Necronomicon:Element, Blazing Red Fire Stone, Frigid Blue Ice Stone, Sparkling Yellow Thunder Stone, 1800G
Witch's Musket Magical Girl's Musket, Idea Cell Culture, 8500G
Pandemonium Enrikan Beirun, Angel Feather, 780G
Angel Gi Crimson Buddha Gi, Angel Feather, 880G
Angel Cross Machine God Armor, Angel Feather, 1200G
Glory Heaven Glory Armor, Angel Feather, 1700G
Tiger Heaven Tiger Helm, Angel Feather, 1300G
Self-Repairing Plating Super-Armored Plating, Idea Cell Culture, 1500G