Sylph is one of the Four Spirits, the one who represents Wind.


In his quest, Luka must ask for her power and after his worth is proven, Sylph will join him.

World Interactions

Note: Every Battle Dialogue without choices gives you +2 Affinity.

Battle Dialogue

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:

"Hey, I want to play toooo. ♪"

With Gnome:

Sylph: "Yay! It's Gnomey!"

Gnome: "........."

Sylph: "Hey, hey, let's have a picnic in the woods together!"

Gnome: "........."

Sylph: "Yeah, that's so true!"

Luka: "(Are they actually having a conversation?)"

Gnome: ".....Zzz..."

Sylph: "Huh? You're asleep?"

Luka: "(...So she wasn't talking.)"

With Helen:

Sylph: "Woah, woah, woah!"

Sylph is sinking in quicksand!

Helen: "Aww geeze, I caught another spirit... I can't eat it, so I just waste my energy."

Sonya: "Another spirit? What other spirit have you caught?"

Gnome: "........."

With Nuruko:

Sylph: "Huh? This child..."

Nuruko: "......?"

Sylph: "...What are you?"

Nuruko: "..........."

With Promestein:

Promestein: "The spirit of the wind. Fascinating... Is it allright if I put you in a jar and run some experiments?"

Sylph: "No waaayyyy!"

Promestein: "Then may I have a sample of your internal organs? I'll even replace them with cotton."

Sylph: "Okay!"

Sonya: "No it's not!"


Grandeur Theater

She is required in the "Spirit Comedy" scene.


Gadabout Actions

“Chi Pa Pa! Chi Pa Pa! The flower on my head goes Chi Pa Pa!" Sylph is singing.

“Chi Pa Pa! Chi Pa Pa! Everyone together now, Chi Pa Pa!" Sylph calls companions. (+3 Chi Pa Pa)

“Achoo!" Sylph sneezes… (Uses Skill: Squall)

“I'm going to go play with Mandy!" Sylph left to go play. “I'm back…" She comes back looking crispy!

“Blub, blub, blub…" Sylph is playing in the water.



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