Succubus village, the dream of men all over the world! However, due to an incident between the mayor and Natasha, a former resident of Luddite Village turned succubus, the town has gone into a localized civil war. Groups of Succbi ambush and drain unsuspecting residents and travelers alike. Smaller groups of Maidcubi, are also "attacking" men, partially the younger ones. A younger succubus has apparently set up a "petting zoo" to the west of the town's entrance, and her older sister is also causing trouble. Maccubus, has set up shop in the bar, and it is advised to stay away unless one is confident in dealing with her.

After a passing hero dealt with the problem, the civil war has somewhat died down, but one can still be jumped by succubi if they wander off the path. If one wishes to have some "fun" without the pesky issue of being drained of all your energy, Arelia, a battle fucker, is located on the second floor in the mayor's house.

Map Of The Area

Small Medal Locations


Amira Locations





Item Shop

Item Price
High-Quality Herb 100G
Boost Drink 50G
Phoenix Tail 100G
Antidote Grass 15G
Eye Drops 15G
Echo Grass 20G
Restorative 20G
Full Moon Grass 15G
Lucky Mallet 30G
Holy Water 30G
Gold Needle 30G
De-Love Potion 40G
Harpy Feather 15G
Thread of Guidance 35G

Equipment Shop

Item Price
Assassin Dagger 13000G
Kotetsu 17800G
Necronomicon 26400
Buddha Gi 7600G
Succubus Bustier 22000G

Accessory Shop

Item Price
Slimed Crest 9000G
Horny Crest 9000G
Trance Crest 9000G
Seduction Crest 9000G
Incontinence Crest 9000G
Slimed Check 8000G
Horny Check 8000G
Trance Check 8000G
Seduction Check 8000G
Incontinence Check 8000G

Succubus Salesgirl

Item Price
Potato 25G
Baked Potato 100G
Milk 90G


Item Price
Beer 50G
Noah Wine 75G
Gold Cocktail 75G
Yamatai Sake 60G

Treasure Chests


Hidden Items

Blustery Green Wind Stone

High-Quality Herb

7 Potatoes

De-Love Potion

2 Milk

Monster Milk

Seed of Agility

Bewitching Tail

Boost Drink

Seed of Power

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