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Dream Fox is a Spirit Fox who joins the party in the middle of chapter 2 of the Collaboration Scenario. She comes from the game The Three Charms. She starts with the Kitsune race maxed out, but like most of the other characters does not have any levels in jobs until she reaches a job change book.


She joins Kazuya, Lampas and Hakunen when a small group of them becomes sick of Myusca's twisted games, and explains the party the nature of the Job system in this world when the party comes across a Book of Job Change.

When the party stumbles onto the White Rabbit, she doesn't trust her and assumes she works for Myusca, even as the White Rabbit assures she isnt an enemy but is here to guide the heroes.

As the party reaches an unusually cozy room that feels threatening, both Lampas and her attempt to throw each other under the bus as a possible escape plan.

When the party meets Mukuro, the fox and Lampas have a small hassle about who should stay back, surprising Kazuya who thought they would both use it as an occasion to laze.

World Interactions

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:

Dream Fox: “Got anything to do for me outside? Or in here?”

Grandeur Theatre


Playful Actions

1st Action:

2nd Action:

3rd Action:

4th Action:

5th Action:

Additional Skills

  • Song of Mahoroba - Singing Skill Target: All Allies, Effect: Status Resistance +66%
  • Beast Hammer - Beast Skill (Physical 204%*3 Att+Agi), Target: Foe, Effect: +100% to Blinded
  • Drunken Boxing - Special Skill Target: User, Effect: Sleep (25%), Confusion (10%), +50% Att/Agi, +100% Crit, +40% Eva, Unarmed/Beast Skills execute twice for 5 turns but becomes uncontrollable

Exclusive Equipment

Name Item type Stats Effects Location
Lusty Fox's Robe Clothes Attack: 55

Defense: 125

Willpower: 100

Agility: 55

Dexterity: 140

Resist Pleasure 50% Château des Romances
Lusty Fox's Hairclip Fancy Cap Defense: 60

Willpower: 60

Agility: 25

Dexterity: 25

Nullify Pleasure Ailments/Confusion/Sleep Château des Romances