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Chirp is a friendly Sparrow Girl. She can join you after a battle.

World Interactions

Battle Dialogue

“I am also a type of harpy. ...the weakest of our kind.”

“The Queen Harpy is very kind, even to someone like me. All harpies respect her above all others.”

“Strength was everything to the previous queen. Because the sparrow tribe is weak, we were forced to work as slaves.”

“Because I am a sparrow, I like rice.”

“Because I am a sparrow, I am very timid.”

“*Chirp* *Chirp* *Chirp*”

“These clothes are a traditional outfit of the sparrow family. I get up early every morning to make sure it looks right.”

“Because we sparrows are rather plain looking, other women often steal our fiancées from Happiness Village from us.”

“The sparrow tribe is far more timid than the other harpies. We are so skittish that our evasion is extra high.”

“A sparrow’s dance is able to wake up their allies. We are very useful when the enemy uses a lot of sleep effects!”

“*Chirp* *Chirp* I’m a sparrow, I wouldn’t be any help even if I were your ally.”

  • That’s not true - “R-really? Even if you are lying… that makes me happy.” (+10 Affinity)
  • You’re right - “That may be true but… Ouch.” (-5 Affinity)
  • Sonya is even less help - Sonya: “W-what was that?!”
    • Sparrow Girl: “Um, try to get along. Sonya? Who’s that?”

“*Chirp* *Chirp* Don’t bully me just because I’m a sparrow.”

  • Of course - “You won’t? You’re a nice person.” (+10 Affinity)
  • I’ll pick on you - “Really? That’s mean.” (-5 Affinity)
  • I’m going to cut off your tongue! - “Hyaa! You’re evil!” (-10 Affinity)

“I love rice. Which do you prefer to eat? Rice or bread?”

  • Rice - “So then we’re the same!” (+10 Affinity)
  • Bread - “I also like breadcrumbs. If any are on the ground I pick them up and eat them.”
  • Sparrow - “Hyaa! Don’t eat sparrows!” (-5 Affinity)

“Sparrows wake up early in the morning. About what time do you wake up?”

  • 3 AM - “That’s the middle of the night. Are humans nocturnal?”
  • 6 AM - “That’s the perfect time. The morning sun feels so good!” (+10 Affinity)
  • 9 AM - “You’re a sleepy head huh? The early bird gets the worm.”
  • Not in the morning - “Huh? You sleep that much? That’s a little scary.” (-5 Affinity)

“We sparrows sing in the morning with our chirps. Do you know why?”

  • To greet each other - “Wrong. But it’s cute that you think that.”
  • To claim your territory - “That’s right. It’s serious business in the life of a sparrow.” (+10 Affinity)
  • You’re still screaming and moaning - “Now that’s a scary thought… Don’t you ever get tired out?” (+10 Affinity)

“Um, could you give me some eye drops? I got sand in my eye and I can’t fly well.” (Give Eye Drops?)

  • Yes - “Thank you so much! You’ve made me so happy!” (+20 Affinity)
  • No - “I-is that so? Sorry to ask that all of a sudden.”

“Rice… Um, would you give me some rice?” (Give Rice?)

  • Yes - “Thank you so much! You’ve made me so happy!” (+30 Affinity)
  • No - “I-is that so? Sorry to ask that all of a sudden.”

“I have no money. If I have no money, I can’t eat.” (Give 90G?)

  • Yes - “Thank you so much! You’ve made me so happy!” (+25 Affinity)
  • No - “I-is that so? Sorry to ask that all of a sudden.”

“You should take one of my feathers. But, because I am a sparrow, it probably does not have very much magic.” (+1 Harpy Feather)

“You can have some of my most beautiful feathers. It would make me happy if you used them as part of your armor.” (+1 Beautiful Feather)

“It’s not much, but take it. Someone might just take it from me if I keep it.” (+150G)

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:

Chirp: " *Chirp* *Chirp* It's morning!"

With Reina:

Chirp: "Senior, good mooorniiing!"

Reina: "Good morning, Chirp. ♪ You're always up early huh?"

Chirp: "That's because I am a weak monster... I get up early to find everyone's weakness. ♪ "

Reina: "............."

With Kamuro:

Chirp: "Good morning, Kamuro! We're both early."

Kamuro: "Good morning, Chirp. The morning is so refreshing, plus I need to study and train."

Chirp: "You also understand that by waking up early and going to bed late you can see the weaknesses of others. So let's spy on our seniors today. ♪ "

Kamuro: "(An usurper.)"

With Saki:

Chirp: " *Chirp* *Chirp* I also want to make it big."

Saki: "Dream big, spread your wings and fly. ♪ "

Chirp: "I am weak, so I cannot beat anyone else..."

Saki: "...What do you think it means to be a world idol? Anyway, do you have any special talent?"

Chirp: "Well, I'm good at getting up early and staying out late. ♪ "

Saki: "...doesn't look good for beating others."

Grandeur Theater

She is required in the "Flap Flap Harpy" scene.


Gadabout Actions

1st Action:

Chirp: "Chirp, chirp, chirp."

Chirp is grooming her feathers.

[Nothing happens]

2nd Action:

Chirp: "Chirp, chirp, good morning♪"

Chirp performs a Sparrow Dance!

[Chirp uses Sparrow Dance]

3rd Action:

Chirp: "I-I'm just a sparrow."

Chirp is scared.

[Nothing happens]

4th Action:

Chirp: "Rice... Someone spilled rice."

Chirp is picking up grains of rice.

[Nothing happens]

5th Action:

Chirp: "I am a sparrow!"

Chirp spreads her wings threateningly!

...But no one was watching.

[Nothing happens]

Additional Skills


  • Sparrow Dance - Dancing Skill Target: All Alies, Effect:+800 Speed, Sleep+Confusion Cure/Immunity, +15% SP Recovery