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Sonya Mainyu's Battle Theme

Sonya Mainyu (ソニアマンユ, Sonia Manyu) is the Yoma/Succubus counterpart to Sonya Mazda.


She’s the semifinal boss of the Ilias storyline in Chapter 2, formed when Sonya Apoptosis absorbs power from Morrigan. She later evolved into Sonya Chaos after absorbing additional power from Gnosis.

Monsterpedia Entry

‘Sonya after awakening as an XX-type Apoptosis, her absorption of dark energy has changed her into this form. Although she boasts tremendous power, there are many uncertainties surrounding her existence, most of which are shrouded in mystery.’


  • Attack – One Foe
  • Death Blade – One Foe, Physical Attribute, Magic Down (50%), Willpower Down (50%), 3 Hits
  • Hades Blast – All Foes, Physical Attribute, Magic Down (50%), Willpower Down 50%, Death (25%)
  • White-Hot Inferno Breath – All Foes, Auto-Hit, Fire Attribute, Burn (10%)
  • Prominence – All Foes, Magical, Fire Attribute, Burn (10%)
  • Ice Age – All Foes, Magical, Ice Attribute, Freeze (10%)
  • Plasma Storm – All Foes, Magical, Lightning Attribute, Shock (10%)
  • Shadow Flare – One Foe, Auto-Hit, Dark Attribute, Death (10%)
  • Energy Draining Latemia – One Foe, Pleasure Attribute, Drain HP 1000%
  • Magic Barrier – All Allies, Half-Magical Damage for 4 turns
  • Zero Shift – All Foes, Auto-Hit, Dispel, 5 Turns Cooldown, 20 MP


A lot of variety in her skills make her a troublesome opponent. Fortunately, she has only limited auto-hit attacks, and an obvious, easy to exploit weakness to Holy. Sky Dance will reduce damages a great deal, and her magic debuffs aren’t an actual issue as most Holy spells use Willpower. Even with her shield up, you’ll deal decent damages to her.


‘Hello, this is the Ilias from F3521. Which world’s Luka are you? Sonya Mainyu seems to have the power of Darkness. She uses various elemental attacks and she’s hard to deal with. She’s strong against Wind, Water, Earth, and Pleasure and has normal resistance to Physical, Fire, Ice and Thunder. Focus on those elements. Status ailments rarely affect her. I guess there’s no choice but to fight without them… End of transmission, Luka from another world. This is the last message from F35211. Farewell, and keep on fighting Luka, wherever you are. From F35211, this is my last goodbye.’


  • Angra Mainyu is the Avestan-language name of Zoroastrianism’s hypostasis of the ‘destructive spirit’. The Middle Persian equivalent is Ahriman.
    • It should be noted that Sonya Mainyu borrows the wrong word fragment from the term Angra Mainyu (since Mainyu literally means: spirit, essence, gem) therefore Sonya Mainyu literally means: spirit of Sonya.