Sonya after absorbing and combining Holy and Dark energy.

No Special effects.


One of the superbosses in the Labyrinth of Chaos. Only encountered as a 100th floor super boss.


  • Attack - One Foe
  • Garden of Delights - All Foes, Auto Hit, Holy/Pleasure Attribute, Seduction 50%, 8 MP
  • Anri Manyu - All Foes, Auto Hit, Dark Attribute, Death 75%, 3 Turn Cooldown
  • Afra-Mazuda - All Foes, Auto Hit, Holy Attribute, Ascension 75%, 20 MP
  • Solar Eclipse - All Foes, Magical, Bio Attribute, Mini/Petrify 50%
  • Holy Flare - One Foe, Auto Hit, Holy Attribute, Ascension 10%, 18 MP
  • Shadow Flare - One Foe, Auto Hit, Dark Attribute, Death 10%
  • Apoptosis - One Foe, Auto Hit, Holy/Dark Attribute
  • Zero Shift - All Foes/Allies, Dispel Foes, Resets Elemental and Stat debuffs on allies, 20 MP, 5 Turn Cooldown


Nothing too different from the in story boss, except more stats and slightly stronger moves. As she only has 2 attacks that are possible to evade or null, don't bother using Waning Moon Dance or getting 100 % magic reflect. On the other hand, like so many other super bosses, she loses 4 of her attacks after being drained of mana, including her dispel, so better being someone who can drain all 9999 mana in one shot. Since the LoC can get you some pretty good Holy/Dark resists, this battle isn't nowhere as hard as her story battle, unless you encounter her before getting said LoC equipment.

Check here and here for detailed information on all the superbosses and everything you can make use of to defeat them.


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