Sonya is one of the main characters of Monster Girl Quest: Paradox. She is Karen`s daughter and Luka`s childhood friend. She is quite childish, getting excited over adventures but easily frightened although she is capable of being serious when the situation calls for it.


Sonya will join as soon as you talk to the chief and leave his house. However, you can leave Iliasville without talking to the chief to not recruit her. In doing so you will not obtain the Pocket Castle, which also means you will not be able to recruit any random monsters at all. Sonya will then join near the end of part two, right before the Snow Cave, having been brought there by the White Rabbit.



Sonya is first met on the way to Luka's baptism. She was tired of waiting for Luka who was running late and went to find him. They proceed to Luka's baptism where she assists the head priest. Ilias appears surprising everyone present. Sonya runs off but quickly returns to tell Luka two little girls are fighting in his inn. After Luka ends the squabble and says his good byes to village elder, he meet Sonya waiting outside the chief's house. She forces her way into the party, not wanting to be left out of an adventure or risk letting Luka get hurt by going off on his own.

Before they can leave the village, Nero shows and starts talking to Luka. During the conversation, Sonya notices Nero has been staring at her and she asks why. He apologizes and asks for her name but when she introduces herself as Luka's childhood friend, he blurts out Luka doesn't have one. She gets upset causing Nero to apologize and leave.

After that weird conversation, Sonya tells Luka about how there is a Slime Girl in trouble. Luka asks whether or not that is her job to deal with which she shrugs off.


Sonya and the gang rested on a camp before going to Iliasburg and she remembered the time she got lost with two Slime Girls on a mountain. On Ilias's route, the small goddess warns Luka to be wary of Sonya as she doesn't remember the priestess which means the latter should not exit.

In Iliasburg, Sonya meets the White Rabbit and if Luka battles her, Sonya steps forward to assist, as the White Rabbit is too strange and possibly a dangerous monster.

After hearing rumors of Amira disappearing she helps defeat the 4 Heavenly Bandits, and her expectations were blown away when she finds out the bandits are actually kids. She feels bad for stopping them and later apologized with them to the town folks. Before leaving for the Nameless Slums, if Luka decides to bring Papi with her Sonya is impressed with her work in the Blacksmith.

Should Luka decides to help Vanilla to develop her shop, Luka will excitedly help her and go to Talus Hill to catch a big beetle, which Sonya finds childish.

Mitra Sealed Castle

When they arrive at the ruined castle south of the slums, Alice/Ilias calls this the Mitra Sealed Castle. Sonya is amazed on the structure of the building. Alice/Ilias explained the history behind this castle and the weapons used in the Great Monsters War. Sonya questions if Ilias indeed created the Dark Goddess, but Ilias doesn't want to hear any more of it. As the party examines the pedestals, Sonya express each time a stronger and stronger disappointment as there isn't a single legendary weapon to be found. When the party finds a cypress rod, she asks if it doesn't happen to be one of the legendary weapons.

Nameless Slums

Sonya gets psyched later on investigating the business with Phoenix Feathers and Don Dahlia at Nameless Slums, calling herself a Femme Fatale. She and the gang uncovers the secret of Don Dahlia's business. She and the party fights the young Phoenix Girl from who the don gets her tail, and later recruit her as Don Dahlia only kept her for her business while lying to her.


Arriving at Pornof, when asking a guide she calls him out for being a pervert, but was asked not to call them that. If Luka agrees to a man for Sonya to take her panties off he will get 200G, and even if Sonya retorts about this, she just agrees anyway. She repeatedly express her hatred for the town, even wishing for it to be destroyed by a meteor. Entering the inn, they confront a Rabbit Girl who's not the White Rabbit the party was looking for. The monster tell them that another rabbit was hanging around Southern Tartarus. She later meets Scat Captain and forces him to drink his tea, and if Kamuro was recruited she tells her to get away from him.

Ilias Cont. South Tartarus

After arriving at the investigation site she and the party spot the White Rabbit giving a goose chase to them and jumping down the Tartarus Rift.  When they go down, they see a strange dungeon-like place that is crawling with Apoptosis, which creeps her out. Then, they proceed to enter Remina and encounters a strange, agressive creature. After beating her, the party realizes she wants to join them, and Sonya names her Nuruko. Even if that creature can only speak using "kyu", Sonya apparently somehow manages to understand her.


After catching up to the White Rabbit, the group stumbles upon an Iliasville that was destroyed by Angels. Luka and her find their own grave, which doesn't make sense. Ilias explains that this place is from another dimension and another time. Luka says that he never saw Granberia and went home afterward. They go back to their world for a discussion in the Pocket Castle, taking a moment to better understand what they just saw and what to do next.

Harpy Village

After Luka and the gang finish discussing their plan, the group goes to the Harpy Village to find out more about the Harpy's disappearances. There they met Nero again in the Harpy Queen's House and tells them about the reason why they vanished like that. Nero reveals that an Ancient Virus has infected the entire Harpy Race and the only cure to that are the fruits of the World Tree. Sonya ask why they didnt inform the villagers about this. Nero states that they didn't want to cause a panic amongst the villagers, and left of their own free will. Upon leaving the Harpy Village the group goes to the tower north, where the monsters quarantined themselves.

Midas Village

Entering Midas Village, infested with Slug Girls a shop owner explains the situation concerning the rapid breeding session of the Sluggy Stars in Slug Tower, she Teeny and Luka agreed to help Flora, a woman who was famous back in her day that she already battled the previous Slug Boss. 

Slugs Tower

Sonya is relieved that the problem is over once Luka defeats the Sluggy Stars. After getting the gold equipment needed she and the others set off to the Easterm Iliasville Tartarus to see what challenges are ahead.

Rostrum Mountain Cave

Sonya and the others arrives in the Rostrum Mountain Caves wondering what to expect, as the priestess knows that Rostrum was destroyed 10 years ago after the Great Disaster. When Alice and Ilias meet once again, she asks them to not fight.


After getting through the caves of Rostrum, she and the party finds the Rostrum in ruins, and Sonya feels sad for what happened to the village. They later find an inn to sleep, and continue their adventure to the Tartarus South of Rostrum. Sonya gets agitated again similar to what happened when they first entered the First Tartarus. 

Ilias Cont. East Tartarus

Luka and the others find nobody around the place. Neither an investigation team nor the White Rabbit waiting for them. Sonya wonders how a forest is integrated within Tartarus. Ilias/Alice explains this is an effect of Space-Time distortion. She and the others meet a woman in another fragment of Remina, and Ilias knows it's Promestein, only different from the one she knows since she's from another time. Sonya acts strangely again when she sees the Chaos Passage again and the portal like the first one. 

Rostrum (Alt)

Arriving at Rostrum, the team realizes that they've been sent in the past, at the time of Marcellus's adventure with his party. Sonya is surprised to learn that Karen dressed like a slut. When Luka receives a letter from the village's chief telling him to go to Enrika,she asks Luka if he knows Micaela, and is as surprised to learn that his father also visited this place recently.


Sonya and the others arrive at Enrika and heads in to meet with an Elf at Micaela's house. Sonya is excited to go to Sentora Continent but she realize they need a boat from Iliasport to travel.


Arriving at Iliasport, Sonya and the others look for a ship to Port Natalia, but the captain says that he can't sail for them because of the storm. Ilias "knows" this is the work of Alma Elma, One of the Four Heavenly Knights and the Queen Succubus when they meet Nero again. Nero knows of a way to get through the storm, and suggests getting the Poseidon's Bell from the Cave of Treasures. The heroine gets annoyed again on why is he just randomly helping Luka and the others for no apparent reason. Sonya thanks Nero for the seeds of Yggdrasil, but Nero says he's just doing his job and leaves. Sonya and the others heads off for the Cave of Treasures.

Cave of Treasures

Luka and the others arrives at the Cave of Treasures where Selene's treasure and the Poseidon's bell should be. After venturing through to the tunnel and towards the treasure they are stopped by Nanabi and Luka's party gets utterly wrecked, only saved by Neris. After that, the White Rabbit reveals herself to be responsible for the kitsune's presence with a projection of Tamamo. Neris then asks Luka on a date, which shocks and creeps Sonya, who asks Luka if he knows who she is. They gladly take the treasure and leave.

Port Natalia

After their ship gets destroyed, Sonya is found unconscious on the bed, watched over by Nuruko. When the mermaids ask for their help, Sonya gladly oblige, at least to repay the mermaid's kindness.

Natalia Coast

Sonya and the others have reached Natalia Coast where the location of the Southern Undersea Temple is, and take a liking to the treasure filled beach.

Southern Undersea Temple

Sonya is amazed on the structures of the Southern Undersea Temple. When they find the imprisonned mermaids, she tries having Lime free them, but realizes the mermaids can't get out. When she sees Meia surrounded by young boy, she's utterly creeped out and gladly beat the insanity out of the mermaid.

San Ilia

Sonya and the others reached San Ilia, Sonya wants to meet the pope and is completely dumbfounded when Luka tells her he forgot that she is also a priestess. As they meet the Pope, Sonya shows herself to be extremely formal by respect for his rank and is determined to help him even as he offer his gracious help to the party. When the party finds out the book left by Marcellus guarded by Page 65537 with a word inside, she wonders exactly what this whole deal really is about.

Mt. Saint Amos

She's shocked to see the dying Micaela, and asks Luka how does he know her. She tries healing Micaela, but her skills prove insufficient to keep the seraph alive. She then shares Luka's mourning over his aunt, even if they didn't really know her.

Luddite Village

Arriving at Luddite Village Sonya didnt like some of the villagers communication to outsiders like them and want to report the activities to the San Ilia Pope. The party meets a priest and asked to be escorted to the Ancient Temple Ruins. Sonya asked questions about the Temple but the priest will just show the answer instead. Luka and the others meet up with the Pope outside the Ancient Temple Ruins. The pope still has spite on Sonya's Uncle Lazarus for trying to assinate him. 

Ancient Temple Ruins

The party has been stunned on the structures of the Ancient Temple Ruins and its modern-like appearance. As they start to move in deeper, Sonya questions the Pope whether he will really pray at the "temple", but he says it's actually a ruse so that no outsider can really know what happen inside. She's extremely surprised when the pope transforms into a robot and prepares to join them in their fight against the freshly awakaned Brynhildr. After the fight Brynhildr join the group as Sonya is taking pity on her, and Promesein wants to experiment on her but Sonya takeher tool away. Later they return to San Ilia to collect the Makinas and hear the report of strange activites regarding the rumored Haunted Manor.

Haunted Mansion

Hearing the rumors and the report of a soldier in San Ilia, the party investigates the Manor, with the chosen heroin being terrified. While Sonya acts courageous at first, she also periodically devolves into the same afraid state the main companion is in, particularly when the group enters the dining room and accidentally triggers the undead monsters there that were holding a party there. When reading the "ingenious code", she says that it's the same thing that she was doing when she was ten years old.

Even as Chrome looks a bit pathetic to her, she doesn't hold back when the party finally reaches the small necromancer and her bodyguard.


Ilias Temple Ruins

Once the group is done receiving exposition from Ilias, the latter gets assassinated by the Lilith Sisters. The succubi then engaged by the three seraphim into a fight, and Sonya (uselessly) ask them to stop, before transforming into an XX class apoptosis.

On Alice's route, Gnosis tries to attack her, but get her energy stolen leading to the apoptosis transformation into Sonya Mazda. Luka then beats her once, but she proceeds to call for Adramelech. Morrigan then tries to stop the summoning, but fail and lose a part of her energy too, leading to Sonta completing her transformation into Sonya Chaos. After getting beaten once more, she then get incapacitated by Nuruko, and Morrigan joins Luka's group under her sister's request to keep an eye on her. The succubus considers killing her, but Luka refuses.

On Ilias's route, Morrigan tries to attack her, but get her energy stolen leading to the apoptosis transformation into Sonya Mainyu. Luka then beats her once, but she proceeds to call for Adramelech. Gnosis then tries to stop the summoning, but fail and lose a part of her energy too, leading to Sonta completing her transformation into Sonya Chaos. She stands up to Adramelech and engage her. She then rewinds time to just before her transformation and leaves a copy of herself with Luka. When the group leaves, Luka has a flash of her in her Chaos form, and shows awareness of the truth. He gets another flash on her when he deals with the group hidden in Devastated Plains.a

World Interactions

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:

Sonya: “I can't stand house-sitting. Hey Luka, hurry up and take me with you!”

With Nuruko:

Nuruko: “Kyuu! Kyuu!”

Sonya: “You want to eat an apple? Just wait a minute; I'll cut it up.”

Nuruko: “Kyu!”

Luka: “Sonya, you can understand Nuruko?”

Sonya: “You can't understand her, Luka? From the sound of her voice, it's obvious she wants an apple.”

Nuruko: “Kyukyuu!”

Sonya: “No fish. You've been eating too many lately. You need balanced nutrition, got it?”

Luka: “(...I don't understand.)“

With Hip:

Hip: “You're... a fellow club user! Are you an orc too?”

Sonya: “No, I'm human. Can't you tell just by looking?”

Hip: “..........”

Sonya: “Hey! Why aren't you saying anything?!”

Hip: “No, your voluptuousness is clearly that of an orc.”

With Hild:

Sonya: “Hild, your hair's grown out. Want me to cut it?”

Hild: “Hild's hair? I leave it to Sonya.”

Sonya: “All right. *Snip* *Snip* ...There.”

Hild: “Hild will cut Sonya's hair as well. Activating Death Beam...”

Sonya: “...I decline.”

With Radio:

Radio: “MistreSS Sonya...”

Sonya: “We're friends, Radio. You can just call me Sonya.”

Radio: “Then please CAll me a piece of junk. That's what my beST friend used to call me...”

Sonya: “Were they really your friend...?”

With Spider Princess:

Spider Princess: “Oh, you're quite the nuisance. Are you still buzzing around my betrothed...?”

Sonya: “Apart from that, I've been curious... Isn't “betrothed“ the word you use for a woman's husband?”

Spider Princess: “I'm old-fashioned, so that's what I call him. It's not a very narrow-minded thing to say.”

Sonya: “Eh? You're an old lady...?”

Spider Princess: “Y-you...!”

Sonya: “Kehehe...”

With Lazarus:

Sonya: “............”

Lazarus: “Oi, Luka... Sonya won't talk to me anymore.”

Luka: “Because you've been hiding that you were the Don of the mafia all this time... Frankly, you're reaping what you've sown.”

Sonya: “............”

Lazarus: “It's none of your business...”

[If both Nuruko and Gnome are recruited]

Nuruko:: “............”

Gnome: “............”

Lazarus: “What the hell's with you girls?! You really shouldn't get involved!”

Sonya: “............”

Nuruko: “............”

Gnome: “............”

Lazarus: “............”

With Merlin:

Sonya: “When you joined up with Uncle Lazarus, you weren't doing anything bad were you...?”

Merlin: “To rule over evil is not necessarily evil in itself. Rather, you should think of it as restraining and controlling evil?”

Sonya: “That's sophistry, isn't it?”

Merlin: “Yes, you are right.”

Sonya: “Don't admit it so readily... An old man can't support himself.”

Merlin: “I represent the Don. I won't be troubled so easily with surviving.”

With Sara:

Sara: “Oh, Sonya. Have you had the rice in the dining room?”

Sonya: “Yup! I had it in their new dish, the salmon bowl.”

Luka: “Sonya, Sara, you two seem to get along.”

Sonya: “There weren't any girls my age in the village. She's like the friend I never had.”

Sara: “The same goes for me. I guess you could say we're girlfriends.”

Sonya: “Yeah. ...Huh?!”

Luka: “Huh?!”

Sara: “Huh?”

With Grand Noah Queen:

Sonya: “Umm, is this really okay? You're out on an adventure even though you're a queen...”

Queen of Grand Noah: “Meda-- ...Ensuring the safety of the world is part of a ruler's duties. To that end, it is appropriate for me to be willing to go on a long journey.”

Sonya: “(...She almost said 'medals.')“

Grandeur Theater

She is required in the “Sonya’s 1000 knocks“ scene.

Playful Actions

1st Action:

Sonya: “I wonder how uncle Lazarus is doing? I should write him a letter.”

Sonya begins to write a letter.

[Nothing happens]

2th Action:

Sonya: “Sei! Deyaa!!”

Sonya is practicing swinging her weapon...

[Nothing happens]

3th Action:

Sonya: “Sei! Deyaa!!”

Sonya aimlessly flails their weapon around!

Enemy gets hit by accident!

[Random enemy takes damage]

4th Action:

Sonya: “Doyaaaaa!!”

[Random 4 enemies take damage]

5th Action:

Sonya: “Stop it, all of you! It's not a competition for me!”

Sonya tries to stop the fight!

But no one is listening...

[Nothing happens]

6th Action:

Sonya: “A maiden's smile...”

Sonya flashes a sweet smile!

...But nothing happened.

[Nothing happens]

7th Action:

Sonya: “Hmmm, I wonder if my breasts have gotten bigger?”

Sonya: “...*glance*.”

Sonya was trying to appeal to somebody...

But no one was looking!

[Nothing happens]

8th Action:

Sonya: “...”

Sonya makes a sidelong glance...

However, it appeared to be more like a glare!

[Nothing happens]

9th Action:

Sonya: “This is... a mother's warmth...?”

Sonya prays and exudes a calm serenity!

[Party is healed]

10th Action:

Sonya: “________________ > Supernatural Phenomenon < Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y“

Sonya was paralyzed!

[Sonya becomes Paralyzed]


Sonya: Your cooking was as great as usual. Running an inn by yourself really paid off there. You won't have any problem finding a wife with skills like these...

Sonya: Tch..!. So anyway.. Your big adventure is finally here. I never thought you'd be some chosen hero trying to save the world.

Sonya: Hey Luka, you remember that time we got lost in the mountains? We were still kids and went off the trail... You came and found me before anyone else  

Sonya: I got lost following after you! You made it back to the vilage no problem!

Sonya: There's no need to apologize. It was my fault I got lost in the first place...  Tonight reminded me of that night. Just the two of us, alone under the stars. Luka and I.

Sonya: That's when i decided I'd accompany you. Letting you go off on adventure alone would be rash and dangerous.  


Sonya is the only character that has unique ability to understand Nuruko's language and the only one who can translate it for others. 


Official Arts

Sprite Set


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