Solitary Island is a location in Monster Girl Quest: Paradox


Located in the northern part of the Inland Sea, this series of islands is connected by many tunnels below the surface. An Arachne Lord guards the entrance, and those with no business with Spider Princess should leave. Be warned, even if you managed to get past the guard, Tsuchigumos, and groups of Arachnes will hinder your every step. Rarely, an Atlach-Nacha will show their face, which will spell doom to any intruder if they aren't prepared. There are very few treasures here, so you might be better not coming at all...


Rumbling Orange Earth Stone

Insect Slayer Talisman

Small Medal

Insect Shell

Rainbow Shuriken

Yami Fubuki

Blessed Veil

Secret Dagger Scroll

Seed of Agility

Prism Harp

Life Nut

Blustery Green Wind Stone

Stop Guard

Small Medal

Seed of Defense

Ressurection Jewel



Map Of The Area

Small Medal Locations

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