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Snow Heaven is a location in Monster Girl Quest Paradox


This is where the angels of Heaven reside after Heaven fell to form the Snow Continent. To the south east lies the Snow Shrine, where Ilias's trusted third commander, Eden prays, using her power to keep the barrier over the Ilias Temple Ruins from failing. Over the bridge to the south west, the Hall of Creation stands. It is rumored that if a powerful angel were to die, this is where they would be revived. Archangel Ranael resides here and rules this land in the absence of Ilias, although she's actually acting as the right arm of the actuel head angel, who's currently working tirelessly in the Snow Shrine to prevent chaosization from escaping the ruins of the temple.

Luka and his companions are dumbfounded when they realize that the residents of the village are angels and gets the confirmation that the whole continent is what remains of Heaven after the Great Disaster. As they investigate the place, they learn about the danger present in Ilias Temple Ruins, and come to the conclusion that whatever causes the mana flow issue stopping them from summoning the Garuda Girl is here. Ranael then guides them toward the Snow Shrine to consult the head angel directly.

The small village is also involved in a short sidequest for Lucifina-chan, and the heroes return to the place after the Collaboration Scenario as they're chasing the trio of Musette, Bell and Lyla.

Map Of The Area

Small Medal Locations


Item Merchant

Item Price
High-Quality Herb 100G
Miracle Drug 500G
Boost Drink 50G
Phoenix Tail 100G
Antidote Grass 15G
Eye Drops 15G
Echo Grass 20G
Restorative 20G
Full Moon Grass 15G
Lucky Mallet 30G
Holy Water 30G
Gold Needle 30G
De-Love Potion 40G
Harpy Feather 15G
Thread of Guidance 35G
Grimoire Page 100G

Weapon Merchant

Item Price
Force Sword 30000G
Brionac 44000G
Basho Fan 36000G
Jibril 72000G

Armor Merchant

Item Price
Lordly Robe 17600G
Angel's Leotard 40000G

Accessory Shop

Item Price
Pulse Ring 35000G
Angel Ring 35000G
Dark Ring 35000G
Soldier's Gauntlet 18000G
Happiness Bag 18000G
Status Guard 20000G
Death Guard 20000G
Ascension Guard 20000G
Climax Guard 20000G
Zombie Guard 16000G
Petrify Guard 16000G
Digestion Guard 16000G
Stun Guard 16000G




Created Used
Halo Night Custom Fractal Night Custom, Angel Feather, 2100G
Frost Lord Orichalcum Lord, Frigid Blue Ice Stone, 2000G
Frost Rapier Prism Rapier, Frigid Blue Ice Stone, 2200G
Brionac Heaven Brionac, Angel Feather, 2400G
Aurora Prism Prism Ninja Sword, Frigid Blue Ice Stone, 1650G
Idea Prism Iris Prism, Idea Cell Culture, 2000G
Absolute Zero Grand Prism Grand Prism, Frigid Blue Ice Stone, 2400G
Wish Stick Dark Club:Zero, Angel Feather, 1800G
Heaven's Trinity Trinity Staff, Angel Feather, 1800G
Grand Wizard Wizard Rod, Blazing Red Fire Stone, Frigid Blue Ice Stone, Sparking Yellow Thunder Stone, 2500G
Idea Killer Iris Killer, Idea Cell Culture, 2200G
Idea Harp Iris Harp, Idea Cell Culture, 1950G
Angel Fish Tentarang Spirit Fish Tentarang, Angel Feather, 1800G
Guardian Angel Abacus Justice Abacus, Angel Feather, 2400G
Surgeon Blade:Idea Surgeon Blade:Iris, Idea Cell Culture, 2500G
Necronomicon:Trinity Necronomicon:Element, Blazing Red Fire Stone, Frigid Blue Ice Stone, Sparking Yellow Thunder Stone, 1800G
Witch's Musket Magical Girl's Musket, Idea Cell Culture, 8500G
Pandemonium Enrikan Beirum, Angel Feather, 780G
Angel Gi Crimson Buddha Gi, Angel Feather, 880G
Angel Cross Machine God Armor, Angel Feather, 1200G
Glory Heaven Glory Armor, Angel Feather, 1700G
Tiger Heaven Tiger Helm, Angel Feather, 1300G
Self-Repairing Plating Super-Armored Plating, Idea Cell Culture, 1500G

Dessert Shop

Item Price
Éclair 140G
Jelly 140G
Pudding 160G
Ice Cream 140G
Chocolate 75G
White Heart Chocolate 95G
Choco Teddy 130G
Cake 150G
Chocolate Cake 170G
Roll Cake 180G

Treasure Chests


Hidden Items

  • Holy Water
  • Small Medal
  • Burst Drink
  • Mystery Nut
  • Fish
  • 2 Angel Feather
  • Cake
  • Bright White Holy Stone
  • Ice Cream
  • 2 Frigid Blue Ice Stone
  • Elixir
  • Panacea
  • Divine Miracle Drug