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Midas Village is absolutely overrun with slug monsters. While they aren't hostile to humans, they still cause all sorts of all trouble, so it's up to you to sort this out.

  1. Go to Midas Village and talk to Flora to learn about the source of the problem. You will receive the Slime Check accessory, which gives 50% resistance to the Slime status and will be useful for the quest.
  2. Head west to Slugs Tower and make your way to the northeast of floor 3F. The enemies here are High Slugs and Slug Nuns, which are vulnerable to Lightning and Shock but immune to Bio, Poison and Slime. Note that the Slug Nuns support others with magic, are additionally vulnerable to Silence, and are vulnerable to Dark instead of Holy (unlike most monsters).
  3. Defeat the Sluggy Stars (see that page for strategy).
  4. Return to Flora and talk to her to complete the quest. You will receive the Maid Permit, unlocking the Maid line of jobs.

After the quest is completed, you can recruit the Sluggy Stars. To do this, raise the affection of Melk or Elizabeth to 100 to obtain the Slug Medal, then talk to the Sluggy Stars.

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